Rotten eggs… they stink. They make you ill. They are of no value. Yet, we always have some rotten eggs around. And frankly, that's a shame.

This past Saturday, one of our Chamber of Commerce member organizations held a Donald Trump Rally at Gough Park. With that type of rally, one would expect people honking their horns and waving the one-finger salute… but the shouting of obscenities and throwing eggs at the people in the park was extremely uncalled for. There is no socially redeeming value to those types of hateful behaviors.

Along this same line, I received an email from a local lady, who I don't believe is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, stating she was upset with "our" Chamber of Commerce for posting the Trump Rally on the Chamber of Commerce website event calendar. We allow members and non-members to post events on our website. Rarely do I make the decision to not allow an event to be posted. It doesn't matter if the event is hosted by Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, LGBTQ organizations, Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Marines. Vietnam Vets, Daughters of the American Revolution, or people of any color. We do not discriminate. It is a shame that there are people who do!

I will admit, there are groups I have misgivings about. A young man walking around with his pants below his butt showing off his hopefully clean underwear may be a fashion statement for him… but I just don't get it. When did it become permissible for women and/or men to wear their pajama bottoms to anything and everything? Last week at Walmart, in front of me at the cash register was a lady wearing her nightgown. And frankly, it was quite evident that the only thing she had on was the night gown. Yes… I will admit I have my own biases. However, I do not chunk eggs at people or flip them off in public.

We welcome new members: Nerium – Brand Partner Phyllis McKee and Amplified Therapy, Inc.

Phyllis McKee is a Brand Partner with Nerium – which produces Anti-aging, Skin Care and Health Care products. You can reach Phyllis at (520) 559-2388 or visit www.pelaine.nerium.healthcare.com.

Amplified Therapy, Inc. has been in business in this area for 4-1/2 years. They serve Catron, Grant, Hidalgo and Luna counties in southwest New Mexico helping children and families. Amplified Therapy can assess and provide service to children from birth to 3 years old with a wide variety of care programs. No doctor referral is needed, and the services are free of charge. To learn more, contact Amplified Therapy at (575) 956-6370.

One of our new members, Deborah van Tellingen Photography Studio will have a Grand Opening and Open House this Saturday from1 to 5 p.m. at her second-floor studio located at 107 East Broadway – Suite 7 in Silver City. To learn more about Deborah's new photography studio or to make appointment for a sitting, call (575) 342-1576.

And if you like action and noise, the Gila Rangers will host "The Geronimo Trail Shootout" on the Fowler Land & Cattle Company Ranch located at mile marker 10.5 on Highway 35 just north of San Lorenzo in the Mimbres Valley. Between 40 – 60 shooters from New Mexico and bordering states will compete Cowboy Action Shooting. For more information call Chico Cheech at (575) 388-2531.

If you need information, you will find it at the Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce & Conference Center office. Give us a call at (575) 538-3785 or stop by to see us at 3031 Highway 180 East in Silver City.

Live from Silver City

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