About a week ago, the Chamber of Commerce hosted a Tourism Economic Summit with the New Mexico Hospitality Association. Over 70 local people attended, and we heard good comments about the meeting. One of the points that came up several times during the meeting is that we need to find a "Brand" for tourism in Silver City and Grant County.

To do this, we probably need to make some tough choices or decisions that will more than likely not make everyone happy. We need to ask ourselves… do we really want to be a tourism destination and what markets do we want to specifically target? What must we do and how do we grow to become the destination we want to be? What new forms of business or expansion of current business will help us meet our goals?

We really need to do something. We can't just sit back and hope for the best. We need to dream big and then turn the big dreams into reality. We need to find a way to unleash the dreamers in our community to come up with fantastic ideas. Then we need to ask the doers in our community, those people that like to get things done, to make the dreams happen.

I was listening to football legend, Coach Lou Holtz, give a graduation commencement speech. One thing he said really stood out… "There's never a right time to do the wrong thing, and there's never a wrong time to do the right thing." Our time to do the right thing is right now.

So, is there anything going on in Grant County this weekend?

  • Oct. 7 - Rotary Club Gala & Benefit Auction at the Grant County Business & Conference Center. These folks even have a vintage 1981 Porsche 928 that will be auctioned off during the event.
  • Oct. 7 – The Red Dot Art Walk takes place and the Red Dot Artfest kicks off this weekend.
  • Oct. 7 – The Valley Community Church in Arenas Valley will host a Family Fall Fest. The church is located at 19-A Racetrack Road in Arenas Valley.
  • Oct. 7 – You can create your own stained "glass" craft at the Silver City Museum.
  • Oct. 7 - TAIKOPROJECT All-Stars - American Style of Taiko Japanese Drumming. On the Chamber of Commerce website calendar, we have posted a video of these folks in action. It's pretty darn cool.
  • Oct. 7 – Church of the Good Shepherd in Silver City will hold their first Saturday Church Garage Sale
  • Oct. 8 – Red Dot Art Couture Fashion Show
  • Oct. 10 – Literacy Link-Leamos will lead a workshop on the basics of using email at the Silver City Public Library.
  • Oct. 10 – Congressman Steve Pearce's representative will be in Silver City to meet with constituents in his monthly office meeting.
  • Oct. 10 – Silver City Public Library will host an Open Technology Lab. It's a great time to check out their computers
  • Oct. 12 – Southwest Council of Governments will hold a Legislative Process and Lobbying Tips Workshop
  • Oct. 12 – Paul Hotvedt Exhibit Opening Reception at the WNMU McCray Gallery of Contemporary Art

I guess the answer to that question is "YES".

Got questions… need information… call the Chamber of Commerce office at (575) 538-3785 or visit our website at www.silvercity.org. Check out our Calendar of Events. Look at our "Jobs" page for postings. Also, if you would like to receive our weekly electronic newsletter that is just crammed full of information, give us your email address to add to our database. Heck, in this Friday's newsletter you will even be able to print out the 2017 Christmas Parade Entry Application form. Give the Chamber of Commerce a call for information or to ask about renting space in the Grant County Veterans Memorial Business & Conference Center. We can help you!

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