People say that there are two things that are inevitable or that never change… death and taxes. Well, I think there is another item that could be added to the list… Santa Claus.

During my 60 years, Santa has remained the same. He brings hope and cheer. He provides the opportunity to dream "big" at least once a year. He has always worn the same red suit, rides in the same red sleigh, and even has the same reindeer each year pulling his sleigh. During times when we are seeing so much change in attitudes and even physical changes all around us… Santa remains steadfast bringing cheer and seasons greetings all around the world. Even after all this time, the "Ho-Ho-Ho" is still the same.

So what changes are taking place?

  • The new lights on Bullard Street downtown sure are nice. It definitely helps make the downtown area look safer after the Sun goes down.
  • We actually have a new Middleweight Karate World Champion working and teaching Karate in Silver City. Congratulations to Chad Petty for earning that honor.
  • The Grant County Conference Center was completed this past Spring. There are so many towns of 10,000 people across America that can only dream about having a facility as wonderful as our Conference Center.
  • There are new signs attached to the Econolodge on Highway 180 East in Silver City. The hotel has become a Quality Inn.
  • The old Rodeway Inn on the east side of Silver City became Gila Mountain Inn.
  • The Chamber of Commerce office and the Silver City Daily Press office moved again this year. Hopefully both offices will remain in their present locations for several years to come.
  • The Village of Santa Clara got a Dollar General Store. Hey, that's a big deal for Santa Clara. Almost as big as the opening of their "Splash Park" this past Spring.
  • WNMU looks so much better with the landscaping that has been completed on campus. During this next year we'll see the completion of the WNMU Museum and probably more streetscaping along College Avenue.
  • Even the State of New Mexico Dept. of Transportation has been getting into the changing act. Have you noticed all the new signs they have erected along Highway 180? Some of those old signs had faded so badly, they were unable to be read. Now, we have fresh new signs that actually reflect.
  • During this upcoming year, we will see local and state-wide elections. You can bet we will see many changes in leadership.

With all the changes taking place here in our backyard, it's always nice to have something like Santa Claus to be constant and unwavering. Christmas means so many things to so many people. Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ should never change in our hearts either. His gift to mankind is eternal… everlasting.

So, as we celebrate Christmas Day next Monday, lets be thankful for those blessing that never change. Let's be thankful for the many blessings that have changed. And let's be thankful for the future blessings that we will experience during the coming year. Merry Christmas everyone!

Live from Silver City

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