I enjoy a good ghost story, so I thought I would share this information with you. I recently received a call from a gentleman who had noticed that some nights the lights in the old Kentucky Fried Chicken building were on… and then on another night… they were off. So, he wanted to know if I knew why.

I explained that I had not received any phone calls from people saying they had seen an old white guy in a white suit with a white mustache and goatee in the building. Thus, I'm fairly certain Colonel Sanders is NOT haunting the place. We haven't had a good rain or electrical storm in a long time, so I'm pretty certain this hasn't been caused by some sort of weather phenomenon. Which leads me to believe, that someone has been going in and out, and they simply forget to turn the lights off.

So, who has been going in and out of the old KFC building? Hopefully, the public will learn the answer to that question fairly soon.

By the way, we had a ghost, or paranormal experiences, in the home we lived in in Nebraska. Some would call it a residual haunting. We just called him Fred. He would walk up and down the staircase in the house at different times of the day. That was it… you would hear him walking up the stairs, then later on he would come down the stairs. Really, even other families that had lived in the house talked about the same experience. So, the next time you see me around town, tell me your best ghost story.

Other strange happenings — why have all the cars and trucks been moved away from the Lawley Toyota building? Did someone find lead paint or asbestos in the structure and management is afraid some of the dust might get on the new cars. Hmmm… we'll have to keep an eye on that car dealership.

What do you know about karate? I've seen some Bruce Lee movies and I have watched Walker – Texas Ranger, other than that… I'm clueless. However, on February 17, Karate will be live and in-your-face if you visit the Grant County Conference Center. Yes sir… on February 17 Lawley Toyota is sponsoring the "BATTLE IN THE GILA" Karate Tournament right here in Silver City. The owners of Oni Ken Karate are expecting as many as 100 participants to come together in Grant County for this first-time event. Folks from all across New Mexico and some possibly from Arizona are expected to compete.

For those of you who aren't aware of this, Silver City is actually home to a World Middleweight Karate Champion and State of New Mexico Champion – Chad Petty. If you have never been to a Karate tournament, you will have the chance to attend the "Battle of the Gila" tournament later this month.

When we aren't answering questions about ghosts, car dealerships, places to sleep, places to eat, or giving out information to people thinking about moving here… what are we doing? Well let's see…

  • The toll-free number for PNM is 888-342-5766
  • Yes, we do have a Senior Citizens Center in Silver City
  • We suggest taking both routes to the Gila Cliff Dwellings
  • You can catch trout in the Gila River
  • No, we haven't seen in Mountain Lions around our office
  • I don't know who lives in the house on Hwy. 90 South that has lined their driveway with toilet bowls
  • We have two movie theaters in Silver City.
  • Yes, you can absolutely fly into Grant County from anywhere in the world. You'll need to go to Albuquerque or Phoenix first.

The inquiries are limitless. Do you have a question? Call us at (575) 538-3785.

Live from Silver City

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