The title of this article could mean several different things. But if you're from the southern states, you know exactly what it means. Usually, whatever follows "I do declare"… well, let's just say it's going to be kind of pitiful. So, it's during this time of year that I will use the phrase "I do declare" followed by something that has happened in Santa Fe. As an example, I do declare those poor old boys are like hogs wallowing in the mud. They're spending a lot of time doing it and having lots of fun, but not really getting much of anything done.

It truly is amazing to see what the ladies and gentlemen in Santa Fe can accomplish during the last 96 hours of the session.

I've had several people ask me what ever happened about the stuff that was stolen from my house. Well here we go… I do declare that poor young lady, who has probably had such a terrible life, after she was caught mistakenly taking things that didn't belong to her, she pled guilty and has 90 days or so to decide if she might want to change her poor little plea. If that little lamb doesn't change her plea, then the case goes before a District Court Judge who will hopefully sign off on the plea agreement. Once he signs the agreement, the mean old victim can finally get back the items that were mistakenly put in that young child's car by accident… hopefully. So that's where we are. Patiently waiting.

Okay, today someone asked me… "what's happening at the Circle Heart Western Wear Store?" This is the best answer I can give. I do declare, I believe they are tearing the front off the building. We'll have to watch for the new and improved Circle Heart Western Wear.

So, I have something else to declare. We're proud to announce another business has joined the Chamber of Commerce. Spartan General Services has become the newest member of the Chamber of Commerce. Owner Billy Swatzell is also the youngest member we currently have at just 19 years old. However, he has run Spartan General Services for several years now building a fine reputation for top-notch work in the field of air quality ventilation cleaning. He is licensed and insured to perform work in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Arizona. If you are having breathing problems, it could mean you have some issues in your home or business ventilation system. Billy is a good person to call to help you. You can call Spartan General Services at (575) 956-6935.

Lastly, I do declare that every blind squirrel finds a nut or two. When we first began managing the Grant County Veterans Memorial Business and Conference Center, we heard lots of people talking about how the price is too high. Usually, those people had no idea what we charged to rent space. Now as more and more people and groups use the facility, they are finding out this is an event center that is sort of like a diamond in the rough. Compared to other conference facilities around the state of New Mexico, our Grant County Conference Center is one of the best buys in the Southwest. And from the number of bookings, the word is getting out. So, here's a piece of lagniappe for you (yes that's pretty much a Cajun word), check out our new conference center website at https://meetinthegila.com/. You can learn a bit more about this fantastic facility right here in Grant County and Silver City. Watch the video to get a close-up look of our rooms, as well as things to do when visiting Grant County.

Here I sit in my office at a quarter 'til ten on Tuesday night. As Dandy Don would say — and I hope you know who Dandy Don is — "turn out the lights, the party is over." I Do Declare, folks; this poor old boy is going home for the night. I hope each of you enjoys a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Live from Silver City

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