Some folks don't like the wet weather. However, there is no doubt we needed the rain and snow that we experienced over the past couple of weeks. The ground was dry and hard. The brush and trees were brittle and dry. It was beginning to look like we might have terrible conditions that could lead to wicked forest and grass fires. So, we should be thankful for the wet weather and how it will help conditions throughout our area of southwest New Mexico.

The bad side to all of this rain… ouch, there are potholes everywhere. Please be patient with the crews that will be trying to patch our streets and roads. Their task is pretty great since it seems just about every street in town has potholes. Thank you to the crews who will be patching our streets. They will be working hard to repair the damage done throughout our town.

This past Saturday, Oni Ken Karate hosted a fine Karate Tournament in the Grant County Veterans Memorial Business & Conference Center in Silver City. I had fun watching the little boys and girls. Of course, it was also fun to watch some of he bigger teenage boys and girls perform their Karate skills. This was a good example of the type of event we hope to attract to the Conference Center. It brought people into Silver City from all over our state as well as from Arizona. They stayed in motels. They dined in our restaurant. And they made purchases around in the business community. Thank you to Oni Ken Karate for holding the event… and thank you to the sponsors such as Lawley Toyota for their contributions.

I was recently asked why the Chamber of Commerce is hosting a gentleman to facilitate financial help seminars. This is a very easy question to answer. We do it because there are many of our neighbors who are having a hard time understanding why they seem to be caught in a financial quagmire.

Ken Silagy, a retired financial advisor, will lead two two-hour workshops on Tuesday - March 6. The first session will begin at 2:00 p.m. and the evening session will begin at 6:00 p.m. Each session will cover two topics:


  • Creating a fundamental business approach.
  • Learn why businesses fail.
  • Understand why business planning is so important.
  • Let's talk about the art of closing the sale.
  • The need for follow-up and referrals.


  • If you are feeling distressed about money, this is for you.
  • Learn five reasons why we have trouble with money.
  • Now learn five simple solutions to your money problems.
  • Work your way towards freedom from debt.
  • Develop peace of mind.

Visit the Chamber's website calendar at www.silvercity.org. Go to March 6 and click on the workshop that you would like to attend. You can register online. It's quick. It's easy. And these workshops may help you with future personal financial matters.

If you have questions… if you are looking for answers… call the Chamber of Commerce at (575) 538-3785.

Live from Silver City

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