Changes, Ideas and Growth

I actually had someone tell me they considered me to be an agent of change. No… I don't walk around with lots of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. I weigh enough without a pocket full of loose change. I think they meant that I talk about possible changes for the future. And I guess I do talk about possible changes every once in a while.

One idea I have had for the past couple of years would be a change in some of our town's marketing strategy. We currently pay pretty good money to wrap a Trolley Car in Arizona with a Silver City advertisement. But I have never received a call from anyone in Arizona telling me they were intrigued by the trolley. So, what if we had a billboard along I-10 in Phoenix or Tucson with a cold blue background that simply reads… the current temperature in Silver City, NM is 88 degrees. Really!! A billboard with the actual temperature. I'm betting when the temperature in Arizona is 100, 105 or maybe 111. And we are a cool 89 degrees… the sign will get lots of attention. It may be an expensive proposition, but I believe it is an idea that will help us grow our tourism market. Another idea… over the next several years, why don't we try to add solar generated light to at least one of our little billboards on I-25 and I-19 each year. Then in a few years… wow, our signs are lit up at night.

Speaking of changes. Earlier today I enjoyed a visit with "Bex" Sasich. She stopped by to discuss a new event that will take place in downtown Silver City on Saturday – April 14… Silver City Fantasy Fest 2018. For all you crazy folks, this isn't about running down the streets naked or enjoying recreational marijuana in the park. It's simply a nice – feel-good event to bring more people downtown. We shared some great ideas to make this Fantasy Fest a success. Hopefully we will share with you more information in coming weeks. Thanks for stopping by, Bex, it was a pleasure!

And how do we grow some of the events we currently have in Grant County? Here's an idea for change to the Blues Festival and other Gough Park events. First, let me share a disclaimer. I have nothing to do with the Blues Festival and the following ideas are mine and mine alone. So, don't call Kevin at the Mimbres Region Arts Council. This is my crazy idea. I know it's billed as the last "Free" Blues Festival, but what if they started charging a small admission fee to enter Gough Park. Heck, a couple of bucks wouldn't be too bad. And it would certainly help the Blues Festival organizers earn a little more to help the festival grow in coming years. Yes, the Silver City Town Council might have to change the rules for using Gough Park. But please understand… the corporate slices of sponsorships are getting thinner and thinner and thinner.

Changes, new ideas, and planning for growth are things we should welcome. Not all ideas are good, but all ideas are not bad either.

Speaking of growth, the Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce welcomes another new member to our organization. Beck Family Dental is the newest member of the Chamber of Commerce. Beck Family Dental is located at 2109 Pinos Altos Road in Silver City. You can contact their office by calling (575) 534-1133 or you can visit their website on the internet at http://beckfamilydental.com. The goal for Dr. Beck and his staff is to help preserve and, when necessary, restore the oral health of each of their patients. They are committed to providing their patients with excellent service in a caring and comfortable environment. Beck Family Dental… thank you for joining the Chamber of Commerce.

Can you think of some changes you would like to see happen? Do you have some ideas you would like to share? What do you think about community growth? Call me or stop by my office in the Grant County Conference Center. The phone number is 538-3785. It would be my pleasure to meet with you.

Live from Silver City

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