Thinking of all the projects and programs the Chamber of Commerce is involved with, Independence Day has to be my favorite. The July 4th Celebration takes a lot of planning, there is a whole lot of work that has to be done, the hours are terrible… yet, the results are fantastic. This community comes alive when we celebrate patriotism. Each year there are always things that happen that will stick in my memory. The biggest thrill I get is seeing all the smiles. People, young and old, smiling as the parade goes by. A little boy smiling with buttery juice all around his mouth from eating the roasted corn on the cob. The folks smiling as they dance near the gazebo during the live music. And something that always moves me, when everyone in the park stops to watch the raising of the flag and the singing of the national anthem. These are the things that make all the effort worth-while. We at the Chamber of Commerce hope you are enjoying the Silver City celebration.

The Chamber of Commerce welcomes two new members to our organization.

Faywood Hot Springs, a rustic natural geothermal resort in southwestern New Mexico, has many outdoor public and private soaking pools for those who wish to partake of its healthful and rejuvenating mineral water baths. There are separate clothing-required, clothing-optional (naturist), private and group bathing areas. There are tent sites for camping, pull through RV (recreational vehicle) sites with full hook ups, and private cabins for overnight lodging accommodations. Their new Visitor's Center houses museum-quality artifacts and items as well as a gift shop and convenience market. Dave and Mary Shirk invite you to visit Faywood Hot Springs Resort. It is located about half-way between Silver City and Deming. From Highway 180, turn east on Highway 61. Faywood Hot Springs is just a couple of miles off Highway 180 on the north side of Highway 61. Their phone number is (575) 536-9663 and you can check out their website at www.faywood.com. They are also on Facebook.

Life's A Variety Show, Inc. is also a new member of the Chamber of Commerce. Life's A Variety Show supports and educates youth and the young at heart in theater, music, dance and art. Ward Ruddick continues keeping entertainment alive in Silver City with a variety of shows and programs. So what's next? Well, you should call (575-654-5202) Ward or stop by to audition for upcoming plays and local events. But be careful... you just might get bit by the acting bug! Hopefully you noticed Ward and his entry in today's 4th of July Parade.

Your Chamber of Commerce continues to grow, and we truly appreciate supporters like Faywood Hot Springs and Life's A Variety Show. Daily, we recommend local businesses to people making inquiries through our office. We think it is important that people shop at area businesses. It keeps our citizens working. If a local business flourishes, hopefully they will grow and employ more people. And like everyone else, we hate seeing businesses close. So, by shopping locally, maybe we can keep more businesses in business and we can continue adding to our gross receipts tax base.

That said, I honestly like to spend my hard-earned income in the area… however there are times it isn't possible. And frankly, there are times when local businesses make it hard to do business with them. Recently we tried a local restaurant we had never eaten in. I ordered a safe menu item, chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. Now when I say safe, I mean something that isn't going to burn my mouth with red or green chilies. For some reason, hot spice just burns the inside of my mouth nowadays. Anyway, our orders come to the table… I'm ready to chow down on chicken fried steak covered with gravy… and boom, it's full of red pepper. I asked the cook, why he did that. His response, to give the plate some color. My suggestion is this, if you want to give a plate some color, purchase colored plates. We probably will not go back to that local eatery. But we hope you will make an effort to shop locally as often as possible. We hope you will shop at businesses that are members of our chamber of commerce. AND we hope you will attend the Silver City Wine Festival on July 14 and 15. Questions? Call our office at (575) 538-3785.

Live from Silver City

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