So, many people travel around the country during the holiday season. More than likely, some of you reading this article have trips planned for Christmas or the New Year. I pray that you have safe travels.

There are always things that can happen when traveling. The vehicle breaks down or maybe you have a flat tire. For whatever reason, your flight gets cancelled or runs late. You never know. And it doesn’t matter how well you plan the trip… something could go wrong.

Recently, I have made several trips to Scottsdale, Arizona. I enjoy the daytime driving down Highway 90 to Lordsburg, then Highway 70 to Globe and Highway 60 into the Phoenix area. It’s a beautiful drive and I think it is much better than going down Interstate 10. But on the return trip, I usually don’t get back to Grant County until after dark. The roads are great – until you get to Lordsburg and turn north of Highway 90. That’s when the driving gets tough.

The State of New Mexico has over-laid the highway with fresh pavement. That makes the ride smooth. But the highway is missing something that is pretty darn important at night. There are no signs from either direction announcing that the State of New Mexico has not painted or glued any lines on the road. That’s right. There are no lines along the side of the highway to keep you from running off the road. There are no stripes or lines in the middle of the highway to keep you on your side of the highway. You don’t know where it’s okay to pass or where you shouldn’t… because our state is saving money by not painting lines on our highways. And let me tell you, when it is raining or snowing, your backside has a great puckered up strangle-hold on the seat cushion below. Honestly, you don’t know if you are in your lane or not. It’s a darn good thing the rumble grooves were put into the highway. At least that rumble strip makes you aware that you are running off the road.

Hey… State of New Mexico Department of Transportation and Development, how about actually developing a completed highway? Someone is going to get killed or seriously hurt because you have done a rotten job on the highway between Silver City and Lordsburg. And Mr. Newspaper Publisher, maybe you guys can do an investigative piece about why our state’s transportation department hasn’t completed the job they started. As a community that works hard to get visitors to come to our corner of New Mexico, we should expect… no we should demand that the State of New Mexico Department of Transportation does a better job than this one. It’s unsafe, it’s dangerous… it is a wreck just waiting to happen.

Once the NMDOTD paints stripes on the highway and gets it in top-notch shape, then we’ll feel comfortable traveling to a place like… Tapas Tree Grill. Did you know, Tapas Tree Grill has a new location at 619 North Bullard Street in Silver City. Their new facility has double the seating as the old place had. They even have a doggy-friendly area on the outdoor patio. Tapas Tree Grill still has the same great food with a spectacular menu. Just a different space along Bullard Street. Tapas Tree Grill is open from 11 am to 3 pm Mondays thru Thursdays, then they are open from 11 am to 4 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. However, they are closed on Sundays.

Another great place to travel to is the Cabins at Double E Ranch. Alan and Debbie Eggleston own 360 beautiful acres with five furnished log cabins and vacation guesthouses tucked in a hidden valley along Bear Creek just outside Gila, New Mexico. It’s a heck of a getaway for a couple, and entire family or a bunch of co-workers. Check them out at https://www.newmexicocabinrentals.com/ or call Debbie at 575-535-2047.

Whatever you plan to do for the holidays, I hope you have a joyous time. May your travels be safe and may your blessings be countless. From all the members of our Chamber of Commerce… Happy Holidays!

Live from Silver City

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