By Roger Lanse

All we can know for sure about heaven is what the Bible tells us. Other than God’s Word, everything else is speculation.

We know from the Bible that God’s throne is in heaven and that other thrones are there for 24 elders clothed in white robes with golden crowns on their heads. We know a great multitude of angels are there also clothed in white robes and with palm branches in their hands. This multitude serves God continually. Many other features of heaven that defy imagination are described in the fourth and fifth chapters of Revelation.

But, the Bible’s most complete description is reserved for the holy city New Jerusalem – which will descend out of heaven from God to a new earth. Called the new heaven, this city is laid out as a cube, about 1,380 miles in length, breadth and height, built of pure gold as clear as glass. The city’s streets are also paved with gold, like transparent glass. New Jerusalem has no provision for light, for the glory of God illuminates it.

In New Jerusalem, the river of the water of life flows clear as crystal down the middle of the street from the throne of God and of Jesus. On each side of the river grows the tree of life bearing 12 fruits, each tree yielding its fruits every month.

The wall surrounding New Jerusalem will contain 12 gates, three facing each of the four directions. Each is fashioned from one pearl. Each gate will be attended by an angel bearing the written name of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. And the wall will be supported by 12 foundations, each having the name of one of the 12 apostles of Jesus.

God promises in New Jerusalem He will wipe away every tear and there shall be no more death, pain, sorrow, or crying.

Heaven. Only those who are written in Jesus’ Book of Life can enter.

I can’t wait.