In Mark Chapter 10, an account is recorded of Jesus healing the blind beggar Bartimaeus on the road outside of Jericho. In that seven verse passage, we find eight steps leading to salvation and two which occur after.

Step one: Bartimaeus was lost spiritually – v. 46.

Step two: Bartimaeus recognized Jesus as Messiah – v. 47.
Step three: Bartimaeus asked Jesus for mercy – v. 47.
Step four: Bartimaeus wasn’t dissuaded by critics – v. 48
Step five: Bartimaeus threw aside his garment (which impeded his approach to Jesus) -- v. 50.
Step six: Bartimaeus approached Jesus – v. 50.
Step seven: Bartimaeus stated what he wanted – v. 51.
Step eight: Bartimaeus was made well (saved) – v. 52
Step nine: Bartimaeus received what he asked for – v. 52
Step ten: Bartimaeus followed Jesus – v. 52.

What made Bartimaeus’ salvation possible? -- the grace of God operating through the faith of Bartimaeus. Jesus said, “Your faith has made you well.” No works involved. There was nothing Bartimaeus could do to save himself. Only by trusting in Jesus and throwing himself on His mercy would blind Bartimaeus receive his sight, have his sins forgiven, and be assured of a home in heaven.

Two thousand years later, the same applies to us.