Comfort Food

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Enjoy our collection of Italian Christmas dinner ideas to share with friends and family. These four recipes are sure to make your holiday season a satisfying one.

Delicious, Festive Italian Christmas Dinner Ideas

Big Italian families can agree that all get-togethers revolve around the food served, especially during the month before Christmas, which is filled with festivities and feasts. On the 25th families gather for what is known as Cenone (“big dinner”). Traditionally, there are very few rules to an Italian Christmas dinner, but it is common for the feast to include pasta, meats, cheese, and a variety of desserts to accompany the meal. If you want to celebrate Christmas like the Italians this year, try one of the four Italian Christmas dinner ideas below.

comfort nm chiliesNew Mexican cuisine is unmistakable—full of flavor, spice, and chiles. Take a look at the five staples of New Mexico cooking and try out Green Chile Stew!

The 5 Staples of New Mexican Cuisine

Wanting to warm up on a cold night? Try some Indian food recipes that are sure to please—we’ve got 10 different Indian dinner recipes to spice up your table.

10 Indian Food Recipes You Need to Try

Are you cold, hungry, and at home? These winter nights can be a brutal affair, and a lot of the time it’s just too much of a hassle to brush or scrape off the car and head to a restaurant. Instead, we suggest re-creating some delicious Indian dinner recipes. A wonderful way to get some comfort food in your belly, Indian food recipes are easier than you think to make, and the results are definitely worth it.

10 Indian Dinner Recipes

1. Shrimp Tikka Masala
A straightforward and flavorful recipe, this is a spicy dish. If you can’t handle the heat, cut back on the ginger. You can even make chicken tikka masala, using one pound of sliced skinless chicken breast.

Easy Chicken & Dumplings Recipe | Home Chicken & Dumplings
Description: This easy chicken and dumplings recipe uses simple ingredients to create a robust, creamy stew. Eat it right away, or store it in your fridge for a treat later on.

Easy Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

Traditionally, cooking homemade chicken and dumplings has been a labor-intensive process. You usually debone and cook a whole chicken to make stock, and then make biscuit dough to create the dumplings. This easy chicken and dumplings recipe, on the other hand, gives you the rich taste of chicken and dumplings without all the fuss of deboning chicken—and without unhealthy shortcuts, like using canned creamed soup.

Description: Shepherd’s pie is a classic, but it can fit right into a modern kitchen. Season the lamb, dice the onions, mash the potatoes, and enjoy this delicious recipe.

Sensational Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is the king of robust comfort food recipes. This hearty Scottish dish comes from humble origins, developing as working-class housewives invented new ways to make use of old leftovers. Out of necessity, they served minced lamb with thick layers of mashed potatoes to their hungry families. Their efforts haven’t been forgotten—today, this old-school dish is constantly being reinvented to suit all kinds of palates. This particular shepherd’s pie recipe stays true to classic ingredients: well-seasoned lamb with peas and a creamy mashed potato top.

These are the ingredients you’ll need to prepare this Sensational Shepherd’s Pie recipe:

Fall Chicken Recipe Idea | Maple Ginger Chicken Thighs

Description: Fill the season with aromatic, comforting cuisine. If you want an easy fall recipe for your next autumn meal, try our delicious maple ginger chicken thighs.

There are plenty of chicken recipe ideas floating around on the internet. If you regularly cook, you know that choosing the right online recipe can be daunting. There’s no telling what it will turn out like and if you can trust yourself to execute everything precisely as is needed. Everyone’s experienced that struggle which is why you’ll want to have a reliable fall chicken recipe to fall back on this autumn. Our delicious fall chicken recipe features maple and ginger that will fill your kitchen with the aromas of autumn. If you’re in the mood for fall, our maple ginger chicken thighs are the dish for you.