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Elaine Carlson will write the occasional article to be published here. Topics will vary.

Every time I hear our public radio station making an appeal for people to give them the cars they no longer want I think of my brother’s experience after he donated a car to Goodwill.

That thrift store sold it to a lowlife who the day after buying it used the car to go on a crime spree with one or two friends. When they were leaving the last place they robbed they ran into another car.

By Elaine Carlson

8:30 PM Tuesday July 23

I haven’t read the Mueller Report (either volume) but I am very concerned about its accusations of Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election and charges that President Donald Trump made efforts to obstruct justice. And now I have seen enough in the news about how Special Counsel Robert Mueller will testify before two House Committees tomorrow to know I just have to watch the Hearing on TV.

I guess the reasonable assumption is that he will have a big audience (I look forward to seeing the ratings). I know Mr. Mueller does not have the reputation for being a dynamic speaker but still what he says should be interesting. We are discussing (or should be discussing) serious criminal charges levelled against a sitting American President.

by Elaine Carlson

“Are you sure you are married?” he asked, “Or are you two guys just shacking up?”

My husband Brad and I were in a law office when the attorney asked us if we were really married. Brad just sat there and didn’t seem eager to answer so I said that on Valentines Day we got married at the courthouse. When he asked again I just said yes but didn’t say anything about Valentines Day or the courthouse.

We both began to realize we wouldn’t live forever and decided it would be a good idea to see an attorney about preparing our wills. Could thinking like that be am indication that we are getting old? Yes we knew we could get a form off of the Internet and that there are many legal self-help books available but we thought it would be a good idea to go to an attorney.