Americans generally indulge in compassion and wishful thinking when it comes to Illegal Aliens lately. El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are breeding grounds for violent humans. The solution is not to bring them to the United States, the solution is to be applied in their home countries or they will be sending us an endless supply of violent criminals and their home country will be happy to help them on their way. It is our compassionate side that is being taken advantage of.

While it is difficult sometimes to understand what the female gang members are saying in this video most is understandable.

People from other countries are not like us and since El Salvador is essentially a lawless country there is little chance their backgrounds could be checked should they appear at our border.

A person that otherwise looks perfectly normal could easily be sent to America as an assassin. Criminals prey on our goodness, which they see as a weakness.

Continuing the dialog on amnesty and DACA simply encourages more of these people to come here illegally. DACA applicants must go home and all talk of amnesty soundly defeated. This happens to be a situation where there is no room for compromise. We have to think of American Citizens first.