I am sitting here amazed at how easily the Political Class has whipped up public sentiment over a false premise of caging children.

I have seen this “For The Children” ploy enough times over the years that I am immediately suspicious when the issue of “The Children” is raised. Especially when the welfare of American children is conveniently overlooked.

We, NAFBPO, have literally been telling Congress for years what the solution is and they just won’t do it. The laws already exist and the precedence has been set and Congress knows this.

So from the vantage point where I sit this looks like a fundraising vote seeking campaign aimed at people with Immigration sympathies on both sides of the issue.

I long ago came to the conclusion that Congress does not want to fix the Immigration Problem because too much money flows to either side of the issue, not to mention so many organizations that feed at the public trough exist to advocate for one side or the other. If the Immigration problem goes away so do the donations and contributions hence the exchange in money and political power. The more emotion attached the better the fund raising.

In this case the emotional whipping and political fervor is so obvious before a very important mid-term election that I am beginning to wonder if the rest of America also suspects this is just more political artifice foisted on them to bring legislation that is not in America’s best interest and stimulate political fund raising.

Obviously there are at least three major things operating here.

First: The detaining of up to 12,000 “UNACCOMPANIED MINORS” was overflow from the 2014 surges forward during the Obama invasion. By law, America cannot house minors with adults not blood relatives or turn them over to just anyone. Has to verify the relationship first. So, HHS ends up with the children nobody claims. The minors are not charged criminally but they are deportable if they can be turned over to competent custody in the home country. A huge problem in identifying 12,000 such individual entities in places that are practically failed states that do not want the minors returned because a lot of them were orphans or other problems in the home country. Otherwise they remain in limbo in HHS hands.

Second: Of the 1,400-1,500 currently detained to prospectively to be added to HHS care are minors that appear to be accompanied by persons not blood relatives. Which is why AG Sessions is exploring DNA testing.

Third: Politically this comes just before an important mid term election and concurrent with a very damaging IG report on the deep state FBI and DOJ. “The Children” issue likely designed to deflect attention away from deep state existence.

Zack Taylor, Chairman