Congressman Gosar has very clearly defined the main problem that obviously is missing in all of the efforts extolled by Congress and that is that every State, County and City in the United States that has an opioid problem can trace it directly to a lack of border security. Thank you Congressman Gosar. That the rest of Congress knows this and refuses to acknowledge the problem as a nationwide border insecurity issue is why the body count continues to increase.

The real question is why is the majority in Congress and the Government not only choosing to ignore the source of the drugs but deflects attention away from a meaningful solution by promoting the regulation of doctors and pharmacists who have nothing at all to do with the presence of heroin and fentanyl deaths inside the United States.

Could it be purposeful political protection for transnational crime? If so, who benefits, certainly not the American people? In summary, why are we having a war on doctors and pharmacists instead of a war on transnational criminals thriving inside the United States through the trafficking of heroin and fentanyl?

Zack Taylor, Chairman
National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers