“Organized Crime Cannot Exist Without Political Protection.”

I have repeated this statement in public forums many, many times. Moreover, common sense indicates Organized Crime at this level requires Political Protection at this level.

Frequently it is the intelligence analyst that takes known information and finds the linkages (connects the dots) between known facts.

If you have ever wondered why the war on drugs has consumed so much money and produced so little lasting results you may find known clues to the answer in the attached article.

Do not be surprised if you have a string of Ah Haa moments as you read through the article and the links akin to confirmation bias. This article gives us something to truly think about.

Further inquiry along these lines would likely produce the final truth surrounding “Operation Fast and Furious” and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry wherein we fairly well know what happened even though the evidentiary proof has been covered up for over eight years. Justice delayed is justice denied which is obstruction of justice.

And this is merely a hint of how deep the “deep state” really is. There is likely so much more.


Zack Taylor