marketing matters header 2 9 17 evoked setDo you know what an "evoked set" means in marketing terms? Another name for this is "consideration set." If I asked you if you were going out to dinner tonight, what restaurants were you considering, you might give me a couple of options you would consider. Now, if I am an owner of restaurant who is not in that "one to three option circle," guess what that means for my business? The answer: Your business will not be considered. Being in a consumer's evoked set is of significant importance, because without it, the sale will not happen.

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What that means is that your marketing message must be continually presented in a manner that is receptive to a consumer's needs, so that when they are ready to buy that new vehicle, go out to dinner, or particular product you offer, that the consumer will think of you in their evoked set.

Your advertising needs to accomplish three objectives: Inform - Persuade - Remind
This means that your marketing messages need to continually inform, persuade, and remind listeners that what you offer, why you offer it (the product or services strengths), and then remind…remind…remind, so you will obtain "top-of-mid" awareness (be in the "evoked set").

There are many mediums that can utilized, but consider platforms that reach your target audience and whether your objectives are for market development, market penetration, diversification, or product development, radio is a great choice. Radio offers a low-cost medium to continually accomplish all three of these objectives (Inform, persuade, and remind), being able to reach more people, more of the time, for less cost than many other mediums. Radio is a preferred medium for creating top-of-mind awareness and getting your offering into the consumer's evoked set. Compliment radio with other platforms, at varying times of the promotion, such as print and social media, then your marketing campaign will come into focus.

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