marketing matters header 2 15 18It is not a choice anymore whether you should invest in video. Video is one of the top marketing strategies that companies large and small should are embracing. This is of such importance that the topic continues to rise to the top of marketing planning meetings everywhere. The question resonates, "How to incorporate video into online marketing strategies for the greatest success and return on the investment?" … But wait, there are a lot of different kinds of video and quality of videos in the marketplace, not alone legal issues and strategies that need to be considered. Having the right "professional" video placed in the right place at the right time is critical. Video can be used on websites, especially critical to have on landing pages, across social media channels, in digital ad campaigns, through email initiatives, and within business locations.

Video significance in 2018: What do you want?

" Want greater organic reach? The ability to get users engaged in your product or service is greatly influenced by video. If you need organic reach, need shares, and consumers engaging with your brand-the answer may well be quality video. As stated by Social Media Today, "90% of content shared on social media networks is video-related." As shared by RendrFx, "92% of mobile users of video share video."

" Want to be remembered? If a static picture is worth a thousand words, what is a :15, :30, video worth? Some research supports that a :60 video is worth 1.8 million words, but it is more than just about "words." Video can capture authenticity. Video can tell a story that words alone cannot achieve. In marketing, it is all about being in the "evoked set," which means being in your consumers consideration set for buying your product or service. Video helps establish placement in the consumer's mind. Video can help you be remembered.

" Want to stand out in the marketplace? If done right, with the right content, with the right consumer targeting, aligned on the right social media platforms, video sells! According to Hub Spot, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product online after viewing a product or company video. ThinkWithGoogle reported that 50% of Internet users seek online videos to help them decide about a product or service before going to a retail location.

In a time where Facebook has restructured their algorithms, organic reach has never been more important; thus, focus on content marketing has never been more important and applies directly to video. The content that is needed to be delivered can very effectively be accomplished through video, If you are considering video, visit with SkyWest Media.

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