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Video marketing mistakes:
1. Trying to make a single video be all things to all people-Determine a specific objective for the reason for creating the video. Simply saying to promote your business to anyone is not a successful approach. You need to really consider your customer base, then segment those customers or identify new groups of potential consumers, then produce a video specifically aimed at one group of customers you have identified.

2. Trying to "oversell" or be "too promotional"-Make videos that are informative, that give value to the viewer. Always be honest and authentic, anything less will be known. The video should tell a story. The video should be enjoyable to watch as the content should be entertaining.

3. Trying to put TOO much into the video-Don't overload the viewer with too much information or make your video too long. The greatest engagement happens in the first 30 seconds.

4. Trying to make your video go viral-It is important to learn what are the important metrics to observe and focus on whether your video is reaching the consumer or potential consumer you intended. It doesn't matter if your video is viral across the world, if you just wanted someone in the region to come into your store and make a purchase. Understand there is a huge difference in saying my video on Facebook had a reach of "x" people and your video actually produced "x" types of engagement. A Facebook video ad after 3 seconds is considered to have been delivered, but 3 seconds is hardly long enough to deliver a lasting quality branded message. So understand the metrics. Look for true engagement that creates actions such as comments, shares, likes, and actual clicks to view. If the video is to be used on Facebook, then it is ever more important to get people making comments on the video and sharing it.

5. Not having a "call-to-action" (CTA)--The video needs to contain a CTA, which relates the reason of the video. A CTA could be to sign-up for a newsletter, redeem a coupon, go to the company website, experience something portrayed in the video, etc.

6. Not managing comments after posting-Simply posting a video on one or more social media channels, "hitting boost" or buying a small ad campaign, and hoping the video will do "the trick."

Mistakes don't stop at this list. There are many legal considerations when utilizing/creating a video. These include considerations of whether all proper authorizations have been acquired (people, locations, if a drone shot was used such as were proper flight requests filed/approved, is the drone pilot licensed, music licensing). It is not as easy as simply capturing some video and posting it. Marketing strategies, objectives, and all legal aspects have to be fully considered. Then knowing how the video will be managed across the digital platform has to be considered along with video optimization and distribution and integration with CRM and analytics tools. If you need help with video creation and marketing, contact SkyWest Media-Sabrina Pack.

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