marketing matters understanding digital marketing triad header 4 6 18Most recognize that there is a lot that goes into understanding the digital world of marketing. What used to be rather straight forward choices associated with traditional media of print, broadcast, and OOH (out-of-house advertising signage), in the past 10 years has become a large puzzle. As advertising focus and dollars have shifted from traditional media to online and electronic media, the knowledge of how advertising works has had to evolve as well.

One step in putting the puzzle together is understanding the digital triad. There are three types of digital media. These are owned, paid, and earned. As depicted below, the location of the intersection of these three forms of media, is an ideal target location to exists, as then a company is utilizing and striving to maximize the benefits of each. There is a reason, though, that “owned media” is the top of the triad. Owned media should be substantially in place and typically first before paid media and earned media strategies are considered.

Owned media means a strong, professional website and usually a corresponding social media channel (at least one…and, no, it doesn’t mean you need every social media channel). The digital assets of a company need to be strongly established and professional looking as these often represent the first touch point a consumer has with your brand.

Here is a look at the Digital World Triad.

digital media triad

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