marketing matters header radioDid you know that many different studies show that 90% of Americans, age 12 and older, tune in at least once a week to radio? In addition, those listeners on average listen to radio 13 hours a week, according to research giant, Nielsen. That is a powerful statistic. Even though digital strategies are on the rise, the power of radio is phenomenal. It is proven that radio is significantly instrumental in driving search. In today’s digital world, according to Forrester Research data, 71% of consumers start their search for a new product/service through internet search. This search can be directed by use of radio advertising. Radio is also one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a targeted audience…and equally important, you have the power of “sound” to sell your message, meaning radio gives you the power to put a voice with a brand.

We have entered political primary windows and think how powerful it is to have your voice heard when you are a candidate. There is nothing more effective that a candidate talking about the issues, having their voice heard, providing a chance for voters to “hear” and identify with a candidate. Through voice, whether for a political candidate or a business manager/representative, radio allows for reassurance in the person, business, or product. There is an authenticity with being able to tell your story, have your voice heard. Simply stated, radio has a human voice to convince.

Here are some important facts to consider “Why Radio” by the Radio Advertising Bureau.
• Consumer package goods advertisers achieved over $6 of incremental sales for every $1 spent on radio
• Radio drives loyalty: Radio increased shopper retention for a big box retailer by as much as 11%
• Radio’s strength is brand building
• Radio ads prompt consumer response
o 41% of persons 12 and older visited an advertised store after hearing a broadcast radio ad
o 28% of persons 12 and older visited an advertiser’s website after hearing an ad
• Radio is the medium used closest to the point of purchase

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