marketing matters header 072018It is a common known statistic that the average American sees or hears 3500 plus marketing messages a day. Whether you are utilizing print or broadcast media, making your advertisement stand out from the clutter of other content, either in print or on the radio, is one of the critical components to success. The same strategies that apply to making your business stand-out—What makes your business memorable? What do you do better than anyone else? What makes you special or this advertising message special? What keeps what you do in the “top-of-mind” of your consumers? More fully knowing these answers, will help you with ad design.When considering print or radio, there are four general rules to embrace:

1. Have a disruptive and relevant visual (for print) that dominates or have an opening line (for radio) that dominates (This does not mean dominates because of ad size, but rather that the visual is so interesting that it make you stop to look more. For radio, it means it sounds different than anything airing around it—something unique.)
2. Link to strong brand identification-use of slogans and association with your brand or the brands you carry, because hopefully you have brand loyalty established and this helps to strengthen the credibility and recognition of your message
3. Have a brilliant headline catchy (for print) or compliment with music, sound effects, jingles (for radio)
4. Make it special/unique—MEMORABLE (emotion such as humor, what is said, how it is said, etc.)

Starting with your ad saying “Save 10% this weekend” is not always the best approach for many reasons. The goal of an advertisement is for it to be very catchy from the first line of a print ad to the first line the radio ad. Why read further or listen more closely if the ad does not stop the consumer and creates instant interest to want to know more? This is why the ad needs to be disruptive from ads/clutter around it and it needs to dominate the view of the page or what is being heard. Unique visuals, not just words, create interest. Unique phrases and sounds distinguish ads on the radio.

In print, typically you have 3 seconds to capture the reader’s attention on a page. In radio less than 7 seconds to engage the listener into active listening. This gives a new meaning to first impressions. Find a unique point that no one else is making. It does not have to be overly creative, but it needs to be “fresh,” create a way that the consumer can associate with your product and recognize a need for your product.

aidaFollow the marketing AIDA concept by having each of these elements present in your message:
1. Attention
2. Interest
3. Desire
4. Action

The mission of an advertisement is to attract a reader or listener, so that they will look/listen to the advertisement and start to read it or actively begin listening; then to interest them, so that they will continue to read and listen; then to convince them, so that when they have read or heard the message, they will believe it. If an advertisement contains these three qualities of success, it is a successful advertisement. This will lead to action.

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