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Social media channels each have unique qualities about them and afford businesses with opportunities to effectively implement marketing initiatives. However, each of these channels have certain proven “best practices.” Below our some “best practice” methods, accepted industry-wide and proven successful. These tips can be applied to business in general, but are also written here to illustrate event social medial marketing.

Some initial important foundation concepts to social media success:

Best Practices Tip 1:
• Clearly understand “who” your target audience is for that social media channel—Ask is the purpose of utilization of the channel?
o For example: Is the purpose of the social media channel to do what:
 Target people to possibly attend your event?
 Target people to volunteer at your event?
 Target people to provide services at your event?

• When developing a fan base/followers and when marketing to acquire new interest, have a clear, defined purpose. Just like a business cannot be “all things to all people,” the development of channel cannot be “all things to all people.” This dilutes the effectiveness of content engagement. Potentially develop different Facebook pages for different purposes, if that is a real need, but do not try to market all things on one Facebook page or have it serve all purposes. Nothing will be as successful then.
o For example, if your Facebook page or other social media channel is to “market” the event-marketing to get people to experience what you have to offer, then do not use the channel to recruit vendors, volunteers, or employment. You may use a line for more information, but seek other marketing avenues to recruit those type of inquiries. When you are sending out various marketing messages to different audiences, the ability to effectively target any one audience is greatly reduced.

Best Practices Tip 2:
• Develop a content posting strategy—through millions of dollars being spent on digital marketing, some strategies are proving very successful with the type of content that is posted that causes the greatest amount of engagement with the brand
o 4-1-1 rule
 4 of your posts need to be informative to your consumer (not a hard sell, but rather providing content users (followers) find interesting. This can be “behind the scenes” content or updates on part of a course/experience that has been finished. There are many types of informative posts that can help your consumer become “engaged” and more interested in your brand.
 1 of your posts can be a soft-sell post, such as a coupon to use or an incentive.
 1 of your posts is a hard-sell, strong call-to-action, such as reserve your ticket today…buy now.marketing matters footer

Next week, Tip 3 and Tip 4.