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Each week on Friday, the Beat will publish this marketing informational newsletter by Sabrina Pack of SkyWest Media and Silver City Radio.

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“Travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries in the United States, making a total contribution of 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars to GDP in 2015. The industry is forecasted to contribute more than 2.6 trillion U.S. dollars to GDP by 2027 […] providing around 5.5 million jobs annually” as reported in the 2016 report by Statista, Travel and Tourism Industry in the U.S. Clearly, tourism should be viewed as a very important industry that has untapped potential for many destination markets. Understanding the tourism market and then being able to capitalize on the many opportunities presented by this developing sector, requires specific strategic planning by communities and businesses alike.

Marketing initiatives need to vary depending on the targeted type of tourism. Community leaders, marketers, planners, and business owners need to specifically identify the type(s) of tourism they have an opportunity to capture. Clear objectives and a unified branding focus needs to follow. Yet, regardless of the specific tourism focus, there is a strong commonality forming between each form of tourism. There is a shift to having a focus on the “experiential” qualities of travel associated with each form of tourism. This should be incorporated into that branding focus.

marketing matters header for 9 22 17Facebook ads have a “Relevance Score: from 1 to 10. The “Relevance Score” pertains to how relevant your ad is to the audience who received the ad. It is important to aim for a high relevant score as then the ad is more likely to be served to your targeted audience, but if you have not properly matched the ad to that audience, then your score will be lower and your ad may cost more, too! So---WHY does it matter? Higher relevance score equates to better reach and lower ad costs.It is important to utilize A/B testing. You can test your images to see which images are better received. Facebook ads cannot have m

marketing matters facebook marketing week of 9 15 17 headerLet’s talk about the decline of organic Facebook reach for business pages and why engagement strategies are so important! This problem represents an additional reason to having a “Call to Action,” CTA!

With so much content being published on Facebook, the space has become extremely competitive to gain needed visibility in the News Feed. With a significant decline in organic reach to fans of your business Facebook page, creating engagement can help outsmart the algorithm so to improve organic reach again for your brand. (Note: Your brand is your business, but also for a non-profit, the brand is their organization and, thus, their Facebook page).