Southwest Yard and Garden

This column comes through the Grant County Extension Service out of New Mexico State University.

Southwest Yard & Garden by Dr. Marisa Thompson

peachThese two branches from the same peach tree at the NMSU Agricultural Science Center at Los Lunas on May 29 have noticeably different peach sizes (photo credit M. Thompson).

wilting leaf pic scot nelsonSouthwest Yard & Garden by Dr. Marisa Thompson


The newly installed plants in my garden are wilting and looking terrible even though I’m trying my best to keep them well watered. Suggestions?
- Doug H., Deming, NM

One thing I like about your question is that it sounds like you haven’t given up. Many people who struggle with gardening get discouraged and think anyone who is successful must have a green thumb. That’s not the case at all. As an Extension Master Gardener volunteer in Albuquerque once said, “The best gardeners have killed the most number of plants.” It’s not a contest…but if it were, I might just win.

cottonwood leaves rsCottonwood leaves alongside Tierra Blanca Creek, near Kingston, NM in September
(photo credit M. Thompson).


What is your favorite tree species?

- Adan O., Albuquerque, NM