"The Great Divide?"

The current atmosphere in our country appears as divisive as it must have been just before the 1860’s. Rational thought disappearing, the air full of the cacophony of mindless soundbites, talking at--not to--each other, intense polarization----how will it all end?? Hopefully in a stronger America!

Here's a pertinent quote from Newt Gingrich’s new book, “Trump’s America—The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback”—near the end, page 282. (An excellent read, by the way!!)

“Once again America finds itself in a period of turbulent, intense creativity and conflict with no guarantee about the outcome.

We have been here before, and—as long as we remain a free, dynamic, entrepreneurial society—we will be here again in the future.

The key to Trump’s America in 2018 and beyond is to recognize we are in the fight of our lives against a well-financed, heavily organized, extremely militant coalition of people who despise us and the country for which we stand.

Doing nothing guarantees America is taken over by this militant left-wing, establishment coalition that will use mob violence, news media propaganda, and government power to coerce the rest of us into submitting to their worldview.

This struggle is profound and deeply felt. It is a countrywide cultural Civil War.

We should expect the fight to be remarkably intense. This is not a time of compromise. This is a time of winning or losing. Each of us must decide if the America we love is worth fighting for. Our individual decisions will add up to victory or defeat!”

Skip Thacker

Silver City