Dear Editor:

My Democrat opponent is trying to buy your vote with his promise of lowering your electric bill by 50%. Your common sense tells you this cannot happen.

His political Action Committee is spreading lies about me to scare you into voting for him.  Do not believe what they are saying. 

You need to know, I do not make promises I can’t keep and I would never stoop so low as to trick you out of your most precious resource “Your Vote.”

I protected all ratepayers when I was at the PRC before and if elected I will do so in the future. 

Renewable energy is the way of the future but in order to protect ratepayers and the State of New Mexico from rates we cannot afford, we cannot rush into something we may regret later. I will always explore viable renewable energy sources that have a positive impact on New Mexico.

Responsible Leadership is a conservation action committee, run by Mariel Nanasi; she is sending several mailers out lying about my ethics.

My track record in the PRC and EVERY office I have held in New Mexico, has been nothing but honest, straightforward and always in the best interest of the Taxpayer of our great state, all done while sacrificing and forgoing ANY and ALL personal gain.There’s no record of any improprieties regarding campaign funds or any other funds. All finances regarding state funds or not, have been handled as directed by State Law or in accordance and in compliance with any and all regulations. I have always been careful and in compliance with ALL state property but have never driven a State truck or driven recklessly as she claimed.

Ben Hall
Republican candidate 
Public Regulation Commissioner

District 5