Dear Editor,
In response to Shelby Hallmark’s letter on Friday, November 2, in the Silver City Daily Press, please know that the Grant County Republican Women are not responsible for the content of the Lee Cotter/Rudy Martinez ad. I gave the newspaper some materials and requested that they ensure that I was given a draft of the ad to edit before the ad was published. I agree that most of the published ad’s content pertained more to federal issues than state. I hope that this has not hurt Mr. Cotter’s chances, as he is reliable, honest, and has not lined his pockets when serving at the Round House, as other candidates have.

As far as the Mick Rich/Martin Heinrich ad goes, I will take credit for that. Mr. Heinrich sold his house in NM and moved his family to Maryland, where his wife has a job and his children go to school. Since I cannot verify whether or not Mr. Heinrich owns any property in NM, I did not claim that, but I do wonder. I do know from various sources, that Mr. Heinrich is very good at showing up for photo ops at ranches, mines, etc., and then is never seen or heard from again by the people whom he was supposed to be helping. He seems to be ‘virtually’ connected to NM, not physically or mentally in contact with most of his constituents. In fact, when I call his office about an issue that concerns me, his staff actually argues that my opinion is wrong.

You see, there is a big difference in how Democrats and Republicans act, especially during election season. Republicans do not steal or deface Democrat signs. They do not ‘key,’ egg, or otherwise purposely damage vehicles with Democrat bumper stickers. A – perhaps small, but nonetheless real – percentage of Democrats do commit these kinds of vandalism. Conservative Republicans do not shout down liberal Democrats in public meetings, like the Air Force Flyover meeting at the Grant County Veterans’ Memorial Business and Conference Center and many others. You see, Republicans believe in Freedom of Speech and allow others to hold and express different views from their own.

Lastly Mr. Hallmark, the pictures of the children being separated from their parents and being held in cages were taken during President Obama’s terms. I was respectful of President Obama when he was in office. I did not call him names, even though I disliked his policies. If you live in NM, President Trump is your president. He won.

/s/ Candy Luhrsen
President GCFRW
San Lorenzo