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The well worn and trite statement, “You can’t fix stupid.” Aptly describes how the political machinery in America treats Illegal Immigration on the surface. Do not be deceived.

There is no humanitarian crisis at the border. There is asymmetrical warfare being waged against America at her borders and it is a Communist inspired program to bring America to her knees.

Dear Grant County Beat Editor:

In a recent column, Mike Rowse wrote that “a few” of the members of the USA women's World Cup soccer team failed to give proper respect during the playing of our national anthem.

According to all the media reports I've seen on this subject, and pictures of the team during the playing of the national anthem, only one player didn't show respect to the national anthem by putting their hand over their heart and facing the flag-team captain Megan Rapinoe. Videos of the event also show all the players, save for Rapinoe, singing along.

 Just a few comments re Mike Rowse’s column: US Womens Soccer - Embarrassing

Mr. Rowse conveniently forgets that although women soccer players may benefit from a higher percentage of the ad money US Soccer and FIFA receive, their earnings in dollars is significantlynless than what the men earn. Simply put: you can’t spend, bank, or put away retirement percent(ages) regardless of how good the numbers look. If I recall correctly, you can only do that with money. I am sure that even you, Mike, would prefer to have 10% of a $1000 dollars (=$100) than 25% of a $100 dollars (=$25). Time to level the pitch.

Peter Riva, in his June 14 article, Secrets and FACT of CO2, in the last sentence in the next-to-last paragraph, stated that CO2 was now 2% of the atmosphere, which would be 20,000 parts per million, ppm.

I was under the impression that the CO2 level was close to 400 ppm. Could Mr. Rivas please cite the source for his 2% claim?

Thank you,
Peter Burrows

As Sheriff of Otero County, I would like to share with you the impact the recent border crisis has had on our community in Otero County as well as the impact the deployment of 6 New Mexico State Police Officers from our community to assist the Albuquerque Police Department.

Otero County is dealing with a huge influx in drugs coming into Otero County via 2 main drug smuggling corridors. With the removal of the National Guard Troops from our southern border, the United States Border Patrol Check points closing on March 25, 2019, and reallocation of the New Mexico State Police, crime is on the rise in Otero County. We at the Otero County Sheriff’s Office have redirected all of our unobligated patrol efforts to highway interdiction on US 54 and US 70.

Dear New Mexicans,
I would like to share with you a conflict our household is having with PNM. There are three issues that need to be addressed.

1. Incorrect billing
We recently found out that PNM has been charging us commercial rates for our private residence for the past 16 years. We only discovered this when we contracted to have solar panels placed on our studio in 2018. The solar company told us that PNM was charging us rate class 2A commercial rates and that we should be charged rate class 1A residential rates. We are a residential home on a residential lot in a residential neighborhood.

Dear Editor:

The Washington Pundit ran a headline that read as follows” New Mexico Passes Law To Execute Babies at Birth. It is a shame that this is what the rest of our nation has as a picture of our state. The bill that they are referring to is HB 51.

This bill if it becomes law will keep abortions legal through the entire nine month pregnancy. When the House of Representatives voted on this bill it was a 40-29 vote. The votes are recorded at nmlegis.gov if you would like to look at the record. The most notable of those voting for this bill is the Governors representative, but not Grant County’s, Rudy Martinez.

We have some exciting news to share. New Mexico State Senator Gabriel Ramos and New Mexico Lt. Governor Howie Morales are working to secure state dollars to help fund the Tour of the Gila Bicycle Race. This will be a great boost to our event, to our local economy and to our state’s economy, however we need your help. Please copy and paste the message below and then email it to the New Mexico State Senators listed below. We have also added phone numbers for each of the State Senators so you can call them if you wish. It is important that they hear from you. Your voice is what will help us get this financial assistance. Please call or send an email to these State Senators ASAP.

Thank you,
Jack Brennan
Tour of the Gila Race Director