ALBUQUERQUE – When Michelle Lujan Grisham's political allies attempted to block Steve Pearce from legally transferring campaign funds between accounts, a federal judge stepped in. Federal judge Mary Herrera' ruling made clear that the transfer complied with the First Amendment, existing law, a previous court ruling, and a previous opinion from the Secretary of State.

Instead of letting the judge's decision for itself, Lujan Grisham has responded by undermining the rule of law and attacking the judge with misleading political rhetoric. The Democrat frontrunner has sent multiple emails to supporters that attempt to turn a cut-and-dry legal ruling into a conspiracy:

  • December 4: Michelle Lujan Grisham attacked the federal judge's decision as "disastrous"
  • December 6: Michelle Lujan Grisham said the judge's decision was "appalling"
  • December 8: Michelle Lujan Grisham accused the judge of allowing the Pearce campaign to "skirt the law"
  • December 9: Michelle Lujan Grisham repeated her attack on the judge and said she allowed Pearce to "skirt the law"
  • December 14: Michelle Lujan Grisham once again attacked Judge Herrera, accusing her of allowing the Pearce campaign to "skirt the law"

"For two weeks, Michelle Lujan Grisham has been launching a stream of emails to supporters attacking a federal judge for upholding the Constitution," said RPNM Chairman Ryan Cangiolosi. "As a lawyer and elected official, Lujan Grisham should respect the Constitution and the judge's decision instead of undermining the rule of law. Lujan Grisham's disturbing actions show that she'll stop at nothing to score a political victory, even if it means ignoring the law and attacking the people who uphold it."

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