Politics: Enter at your own risk

Read the full editorial here: https://www.abqjournal.com/1238499/needed-a-fiscally-responsible-leader.html 

ALBUQUERQUE—The Albuquerque Journal editorial board today endorsed Steve Pearce for Governor.

“Against steep odds and more than $2.5 million of dollars of false attack ads from out of state special interest groups, Steve Pearce’s message of bringing jobs to New Mexico and fixing our schools is winning. We are pleased to read the Albuquerque Journal’s strong endorsement of Steve Pearce. As Governor, Steve Pearce will bring the parties together to lead New Mexico in a fiscally responsible direction and a better future that starts with more jobs. We cannot go back to the old way of crony politics and economic malaise that our opponent will return us to. As we enter the last week of this campaign, Steve Pearce will tirelessly campaign throughout New Mexico and will take no voter for granted. We have the message. We have the momentum. Steve Pearce is ready to get to work for the people of New Mexico,” said Paul Smith, campaign manager for Pearce for Governor.

Editorial: Needed: A Fiscally Responsible Leader
Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board, Oct. 28, 2018

Candidate for auditor fails to reveal major auditing conflict

Crime is out of control in New Mexico. 

VOTE NOW for Steve Pearce, the only candidate who will keep our communities safe.


Michelle Lujan Grisham’s failure to support law enforcement will only make crime worse.





ALBUQUERQUE—Today, Steve Pearce, candidate for Governor, joined with law enforcement and government oversight officials to introduce a package of new measures to clean up state government in New Mexico.

“For decades, a small crew of self-selected insiders has taken advantage of our people by putting their own interests ahead of the state. The old way of doing politics in New Mexico has got to end.

It’s hard to believe that these candidates could support something so inhumane and cruel as taking the life of an innocent baby later in pregnancy. A practice that also puts desperate women in extreme danger, including death as in the case of Albuquerque's Keisha Atkins.

Let's be clear. These candidates support elective abortion up to birth, and the abortion lobby is right there with them supporting their campaigns through endorsements and political contributions.

The midterm election is less than two weeks away, with so much at stake for New Mexico families. We encourage you to know the facts about where all the candidates stand. 


ALBUQUERQUE—Today, Steve Pearce, candidate for Governor, called for the state legislature and U.S. Department of Justice to step in and conduct an independent investigation into Delta Consulting’s non-competitive contract to manage the state’s high-risk insurance pool.

“Today’s report that Michelle Lujan Grisham’s company, Delta Consulting, was awarded a non-competitive contract, which has spanned years and billed millions of dollars at direct cost to health insurance customers of our state, must be investigated. Neither Delta Consulting nor the high-risk insurance pool board have provided any evidence that the bid for the multi-million dollar, multi-year contract was done openly or within guidelines for such a contract.

ALBUQUERQUE—Steve Pearce, candidate for Governor, announced today his vision to make New Mexico an international trade hub between the United States, Latin America, and Canada. In a speech to the Economic Forum of Albuquerque, Pearce laid out a roadmap for taking advantage of New Mexico’s strategic advantages.

“New Mexico must strike now to make our competitive advantages work for the people of this state and the world. Our state’s geography, culture, bilingual workforce, renewable energy, and great weather for uninterrupted year round operations give us a lead on other states. We must have a vision and a leader capable of bringing the business community and government together to make it happen. As Governor, I will make New Mexico an international trade hub for decades to come.

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