Politics: Enter at your own risk

 Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard is failing the students of New Mexico.

As the Chair of the House Education Committee, she has a duty to hear legislation that will improve student achievement in New Mexico. However, she isn’t doing that. She is dragging her feet, violating  House Rules, and playing politics with our children’s future, all while asking New Mexico’s voters for a promotion.

SANTA FE—Statement from Rep. Nate Gentry (R-Albuquerque), House Republican Leader, following Gov. Susana Martinez's State of the State address:

"New Mexicans are expecting results from their state leaders. With a projected additional $330 million in new revenue, we have a chance during these 30 days to pass laws that will make New Mexico a better place to live and raise a family. We must do more to protect the safety of New Mexicans, improve student achievement, and create more job opportunities. Our legislative to-do list is extensive. We've studied and debated the issues long enough. It's time to act. Let's get to work."

Santa Fe, N.M. – Today, Gov. Martinez delivered her final State of the State speech to the legislature. During her speech, Gov. Martinez applauded New Mexico's oil and gas industry repeatedly and mentioned our burgeoning tourism industry. In response, Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) Executive Director Demis Foster released the following statements.

"The oil and gas industry is pouring billions into new drilling projects in New Mexico. These investments remain critical to our undiversified economy, and it makes action to curtail methane waste and pollution that much more critical to ensure that our state reaps the full benefit of this boom," says Demis Foster, CVNM Executive Director. "We can do better. New Mexico is now a top tier oil and gas producing state. We deserve a first class oil and gas regulatory system to match. Unfortunately, Governor Martinez and her administration doesn't seem to understand this. She is proposing new permit requirements for oil and gas wells that would be some of the weakest in the nation. Her proposal would do nothing to clean up the San Juan Basin methane hot spot that is a national embarrassment. This growing reputation for oil and gas pollution threatens another strong and important part of our economy. Tourists choose New Mexico as a destination because of ample opportunities to experience ancient cultures within reach, our breathtaking views and unique public land. Our bustling and successful tourism industry -- an industry that injected $6.1 billion into New Mexico's economy and supported 89,000 jobs in 2014 -- depends on our state being in its natural state. Given our dire economic situation, we should ensure success for as many industries as possible rather than picking winners and losers."

SANTA FE — House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (R-Farmington) released the following statement in response to the Legislative Finance Committee's (LFC) review of Bernalillo County's criminal justice system:

"The LFC's review just confirms what every New Mexican has known for years: there's too much crime in New Mexico. For years, House Republicans have offered solutions to bring down New Mexico's skyrocketing crime rates, only to be dismissed by our Democrat colleagues as being 'all crime, all the time'. Among the 30 largest cities in the U.S., Albuquerque now ranks 1st in total crime rate increases, 1st in property crime increases, and 1st in murder rate increases. It's time for Democrats to stop playing games with the security of New Mexicans and work with us to make New Mexico a safer place to live."

SANTA FE, NM—House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (R-Farmington) released the following statement on the proposed Fiscal Year 2019 state government budget:

"House Republicans remain firmly committed to fixing New Mexico's outdated and unfair gross receipts tax system. Our members continue to overwhelmingly oppose any tax increases, including an increase on nonprofit hospitals, that are not part of a meaningful tax reform package. This position has always been part of our commitment with the governor as well as with the hardworking taxpayers of New Mexico. Passing any tax increase without fundamentally reforming the tax code will only continue to increase the tax burden on New Mexico's working-class families."

Currently there are lawsuits brewing in New Mexico about the handling of fetal tissue that were [was] the product of abortions. These cases are considering whether the women who had the procedures were given [gave?] properly informed consent.

New Mexico's Attorney General Hector Balderas says because no one "purchased" or "sold" the baby's organs, and none of the tissues were used for transplants, no laws were broken. While it's true that no one actually paid for the fetal tissue, that is not the issue. The issue is whether the women were given [gave] proper consent.

ALBUQUERQUE – Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham is once again attempting to use DACA to score political points, this time voting to shut down the government in order to attempt to force a full reinstatement of President Obama's unconstitutional immigration program. After realizing the peril of her actions, Lujan Grisham is attempting to change courses by railing against the very stance she took.

"Michelle Lujan Grisham has demonstrated over and over again that her top priority in Washington is scoring political points rather than leadership," said RPNM Chairman Ryan Cangiolosi. "Lujan Grisham has failed to work with Republicans to resolve the DACA issue and fix our broken immigration system. Instead, she's resorting to political stunts and then denying her own actions when she realizes how unpopular they are. Leadership is taking a stand on behalf of New Mexicans and searching for a solution, not saying one thing and doing another."

ALBUQUERQUE – When Michelle Lujan Grisham's political allies attempted to block Steve Pearce from legally transferring campaign funds between accounts, a federal judge stepped in. Federal judge Mary Herrera' ruling made clear that the transfer complied with the First Amendment, existing law, a previous court ruling, and a previous opinion from the Secretary of State.

Instead of letting the judge's decision for itself, Lujan Grisham has responded by undermining the rule of law and attacking the judge with misleading political rhetoric. The Democrat frontrunner has sent multiple emails to supporters that attempt to turn a cut-and-dry legal ruling into a conspiracy:

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