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Earlier this week, Gary Johnson was recorded during a town hall in Chimayo advocating for the elimination of Medicaid in response to a question from a voter in the audience. When the voter pressed Johnson on how his proposal to eliminate Medicaid would cause New Mexicans to die, Johnson shrugged, responded that it, “may be a legitimate concern,” and offered no solution to their concern.

Publicly, Johnson has advocated for non-specific reform and even cutting programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. But at the town hall in Chimayo, Johnson advocated for eliminating Medicaid altogether, despite the idea that people would die if his plan were to be implemented.

Plan to cost typical New Mexicans at least $200 per month more in higher bills, taxes.

As a citizen who wants the best for the people of this state, I am deeply concerned about Michelle Lujan Grisham's plan to increase our solar and wind dependence to 80% by 2040. Based on several estimates of this plan, it would cost typical rate payers at least $200 extra per month in increased taxes or higher electric bills.

This plan, first proposed in 2017 by Rep. Nathan Small in Senate Bill 312, is now the cornerstone of Michelle Lujan Grisham's gubernatorial energy platform.


Deming Headlight:
Gary Johnson Shouts Expletive
During Mick Rich Answer to Audience Question

Published 8:30 a.m. MT Oct. 3, 2018 | Updated 4:38 p.m. MT Oct. 3, 2018

DEMING – U.S. Senate Candidate Gary Johnson of the New Mexico Libertarian Party shouted bull___t during Republican candidate Mick Rich’s answer to an audience question at the Deming 2018 Chamber Candidate Forum on Thursday hosted by the First United Methodist Church.

ALBUQUERQUE – Michelle Lujan Grisham has allegedly been floating names for potential cabinet nominees. Lujan Grisham has not only taken the governor’s race for granted, but she’s signaled to New Mexicans that she will make absolutely no effort to work in a bipartisan manner by floating the names of far-left partisan insiders like radical environmentalist Garrett VeneKlasen and corrupt State Representative Bill McCamley.

Socorro County Commissioner Glen Duggins Endorses Steve Pearce After False Claim He Endorsed Lujan Grisham

ALBUQUERQUE—Socorro County Commissioner Glen Duggins today endorsed Steve Pearce for Governor following a false claim last week by Michelle Lujan Grisham that he had endorsed her.

"I'd like to clear something up: I fully support Steve Pearce for Governor. It's disappointing that Michelle Lujan Grisham chose to mislead voters by including my name in a list of endorsements without my agreement or permission. Steve Pearce is the only candidate in this race who will create jobs, fix education, solve poverty, and tackle crime. That's why I'm proud to publicly endorse him today for Governor of New Mexico," said Duggins.

New Mexico Democrat gubernatorial nominee Michelle Luan Grisham is once again getting called out for her blatant hypocrisy and insincere political posturing.

A new editorial from the Albuquerque Journal at https://www.abqjournal.com/1223522/lujan-grisham-earns-red-card-for-unm-pandering.html  blasts Lujan Grisham for “pandering” to different audiences on the University of New Mexico’s recent athletic program budget cuts.

At a recent gubernatorial forum, Lujan Grisham pledged to provide new “oversight” of the University to “restore” the cuts. But “just days later,” when speaking to the Albuquerque Journal, Lujan Grisham completely changed her tune, calling for “independent” regents who “work without political goals.”

Lujan Grisham’s phony rhetoric on education cuts shows once again that she can’t be trusted to “make tough calls” or to keep her word to voters.

Albuquerque Journal reports:

As the SF New Mexican article states, "The State Auditor has a responsibility to verify that the Village (of Questa) has resolved the procurement issue that has been identified as a major problem in every single audit since 2011." 2011! That's SEVEN years ago! Hello! Calling Hector and Tim...

Click here to read the article: http://www.santafenewmexican.com/elections/auditor-digs-into-questa-s-payments-to-law-firm-that/article_90855be0-f4be-5371-8066-fa2c723eba15.html 

As much as his opponents wish, Wayne Johnson is not on a political witch-hunt. He's on the hunt for the abuse of your taxpayer dollars. And he's kicking over ant hills and powerful Democrats aren't happy that their schemes are being uncovered.

Albuquerque Journal Gives
Lujan Grisham “Red Card” for UNM Pandering

Read the full editorial here: https://www.abqjournal.com/1223522/lujan-grisham-earns-red-card-for-unm-pandering.html 

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