Politics: Enter at your own risk

Albuquerque - "The unanimous Ethics Board ruling confirms that Tim Keller has willingly broken campaign finance laws in order to funnel more cash into his campaign and to his political consultant. Keller's actions demonstrate that his so-called "clean" campaign was nothing more than a scam; he has repeatedly broken the rules for political gain. Should we expect more of the same if he becomes mayor? Albuquerque deserves better than a career politician who is ethically-challenged and a rule breaker." - Ryan Cangiolosi, Chairman of RPNM

Today, the Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) agreed to send formal invitations to those Hispanic Republicans who have expressed interest in joining the CHC. Per our by-laws, the members of the CHC will vote on whether to deny or admit any new Member. An applicant must receive a majority of votes to be admitted. The Chairwoman will accept the decision of the collective body of the CHC.

Note, Members have been clear that this is not about party, it is about being consistent with the values and issues of the CHC. We support the Dream Act, we support increased access to healthcare through the ACA, we voice our vocal support for the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, we want a tax plan that helps the middle class. The CHC is on the front lines of protecting the Hispanic community from the Trump Administration’s harmful policies and putting forth productive, common-sense legislation that lifts up our community.

ALBUQUERQUE – Michelle Lujan Grisham confirmed once again that she is nothing more than a divisive partisan this week when she refused to allow a Hispanic Republican to join the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo asked to join the caucus, which Lujan Grisham chairs. After a revolt from Democrat caucus members, Lujan Grisham tabled Curbelo’s membership. Now it appears that Lujan Grisham will reject the Republican lawmaker from her caucus unless Congressional administrators specifically instruct her that she is required to accept members from both parties.

Albuquerque, NM - The Republican Party of New Mexico released two new ads today pointing out the pattern of unethical behavior by Democrats running for municipal office in Albuquerque. The first ad outlines Tim Keller's complete disregard for Albuquerque's campaign finance guidelines by accepting $30,000 in shady cash contributions funneled through his campaign consultant. Keller, a progressive who is backed by radical national interest groups, was prohibited from accepting those contributions once he accepted public financing for his campaign.


The second ad highlights to Council District 5 voters that Democrat Cynthia Borrego is no better than her political accomplice at the top of the ticket. Borrego also accepted cash contributions through a shady campaign finance scheme similar to Keller's.

Albuquerque, NM- Cynthia Borrego, candidate for Albuquerque City Council District 5, is set to answer a campaign ethics violation complaint before the Board of Ethics and Campaign Practices on October 25, 2017 at 9:00am. The ethics violation hearing stems from a complaint that Cynthia Borrego, a publicly financed candidate, violated the Open and Ethical Code of the City Charter by accepting campaign donations disguised as "in-kind" donations. Borrego, was one of several candidates who accepted public financing, and is accused in the complaint of flouting campaign finance rules to benefit her candidacy, for Council District 5, contrary to the policies set forth in the Open and Ethical Election Code.

The ethics violation complaint filed on August 25, 2017 by Felix Nunez, seeks to shed light on whether the "in-kind" donations Cynthia Borrego's campaign received were cash donations, as well as whether the campaign's "in-kind" donors purchased the campaign materials and delivered to the candidate without collusion or communication with the Borrego campaign. Borrego is accused of openly accepting contributions to her campaign, designated as "in-kind" donations, that paid for campaign materials; including palm cards, campaign road signs, and yard signs. Twenty-two individual donors contributed $3,320.08 in what Borrego's campaign designates as "in-kind" donations, in addition to the $45,680 of public funds her campaign received prior to the runoff election. Contrary to the purpose of the "in-kind" donations Borrego's campaign filed with the City Clerk's Office, all campaign materials funded by and designated as "in-kind" donations, have been attributed in their printed disclosures to being purchased by Borrego's campaign directly and not the campaign's "in-kind" donors. The City Charter states in Article XIII "Election Code" Section 5 "Campaign Materials: "Each candidate and each chairperson of each Measure Finance Committee shall ensure that all campaign materials specify the name of the sponsor who authorized the printing or distribution of such material and the name and address of the establishment that printed or otherwise created the campaign materials; provided, that the name and address of the printing establishment is not required to be specified in a newspaper advertisement."

Santa Fe, NM – Today 19 New Mexico House Republican representatives sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to promote Albuquerque's bid to host Amazon's new North American headquarters.

In their letter, the representatives cited New Mexico's location, cultural and recreational opportunities, and the presence of two national laboratories as key assets. They also pledged their willingness to work on business-friendly policies, including tax reform, as well as continued support for important state incentive programs such as the Local Economic Development Act and the Job Training Incentive Program.

Albuquerque – After Michelle Lujan Grisham released an economic outline today, the Republican Party of New Mexico released the following statement highlighting the tired, recycled ideas that have passed as an economic agenda for New Mexico Democrats for years.

"The Michelle Lujan Grisham economic plan is a collection of the same old spend-more policies that Democrats have attempted to implement for years," said Ryan Cangiolosi, chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. "These stale ideas are unpopular, unsuccessful, and will do nothing to move New Mexico forward. This paper thin plan is proof that Michelle Lujan Grisham's campaign is only interested in partisan talking points instead of advancing new ideas and improving economic opportunities for New Mexicans."

ALBUQUERQUE - The Republican Party of New Mexico is calling upon all relevant government agencies to review Tim Keller's practice of funneling potentially illegal campaign contributions through his political consultant in order to collect more cash in his run for mayor. As a publicly financed candidate, Keller is directly prohibited from raising additional funds, but he was caught running a scam in which donors would make cash donations to his political consultant, whose services were deemed "in-kind" by the Keller campaign. This scheme allowed Keller to pay campaign salaries and other campaign expenditures with cash collected outside his agreement to fund his campaign with public funds.

"Albuquerque voters deserve to know if the person who could be their next mayor might end up in serious legal trouble for the potential illegal money laundering scheme," said RPNM Executive Director Michael Horanburg. "The games that Tim Keller has played with the city's public finance system are disingenuous and likely illegal. Keller has made a mockery of his own commitment to public financing."

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