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ALBUQUERQUE—Steve Pearce, candidate for Governor, today called for systematic reforms to protect children throughout New Mexico. In front of the Children, Youth and Family Department (CYFD) offices in Albuquerque, Pearce stood with an array of advocates for child well being and laid out his plan to address the state's problems.

"We are here today because all of us are disgusted with the failure of our state to protect our children from abuse, neglect, and even death at the hand of child predators. The horrific stories are too many to list. It is now time to act. This must end. The future of our state depends on how we manage this crisis. A society that does not protect its children has no future. I am committing today that under my Administration, New Mexico will no longer be known as the place where our kids suffer at the hands of despicable predators.

The following is via FactCheck.org:

A Democratic ad revives long-discredited claims of corruption and shady dealing by GOP Rep. Steve Pearce of New Mexico. We thoroughly debunked those same claims eight years ago. And unlike wine and whiskey, political mud doesn't improve with age.

ALBUQUERQUE—Steve Pearce, candidate for Governor, released the following statement today:

"As New Mexico's oil and gas operations boom and add hundreds of millions to our state budget we must take this opportunity to get more funds to our schools, improve our mental health system, cut taxes on Social Security for seniors, and make cash payments on strategic infrastructure projects like broadband, roads, and wastewater. We should also ensure our reserves are adequately funded.

"Today's report is unquestionably good news, but going forward we must diversify our economy to bring in more jobs and more stable sources of revenue for the state. As Governor, I will pursue an all of the above energy policy as well as bringing new jobs to New Mexico in the high tech, tourism, manufacturing, natural resources, and renewable energy industries. My opponent has authored a plan to shut down this oil boom and dry up critical funding for our state."

ALBUQUERQUE – Michelle Lujan Grisham's Washington supporters began airing an attack ad against Steve Pearce today that says more about Lujan Grisham's failed leadership than it does about Pearce's candidacy. The ad is nearly identical to an attack ad from 2010, which was completely debunked by nonpartisan fact checkers. This year's edition was paid for by a front group established by the Democratic Governor's Association, which rented a mailbox in Santa Fe in order to hide the fact that Lujan Grisham received air support from party leaders in Washington, D.C.

ALBUQUERQUE—Steve Pearce announced today a Four Point Economic Blueprint for Jobs at the Albuquerque Gubernatorial Forum hosted by the Business, Real Estate, and Construction Coalition. Pearce's plan focuses on economic diversification, addressing the worker shortage, investing in New Mexico businesses, and making New Mexico more business friendly.


ALBUQERQUE—Steve Pearce, candidate for Governor of New Mexico, announced his plan to improve road safety in southeastern New Mexico by partnering with companies to construct private toll roads for commercial and oil and gas traffic. Pearce met with local business and community leaders in Carlsbad to announce his plan.

"We have all heard the tragic stories of accidents on our highways in southeastern New Mexico," said Pearce. "The roads are overcrowded and stressed beyond capacity, creating an unsafe situation for our New Mexico families and workers.

ALBUQERQUE — Steve Pearce, candidate for Governor, announced today he is calling on both parties to come together to change New Mexico law to prevent dangerous offenders from pretrial release. Steve Pearce issued the following statement:

"Our nation and our state have seen far too many preventable crimes where law enforcement failed to act. Recently, in Taos County, law enforcement did act to protect children and safeguard the community. The courts, however, ordered that they be released back into the community. The allegations in the case are horrifying, including the unexplained death of a child, child abuse, and terrorism. To millions of Americans, including me, it is unfathomable that those defendants would be released into the community.

Las Cruces, NM — Steve Pearce, candidate for Governor, held an event with employees of the high tech health care firm Electronic Caregiver in Las Cruces yesterday. Pearce spotlighted the company's success and touted his plan for creating good paying jobs throughout New Mexico. Company CEO Tony Dohrmann credited his company's success to "mentorship and inspiration from Pearce." Pearce laid out his plan to create jobs, boost high tech, and diversify the economy through state investment in New Mexico businesses.

Excerpts from the Las Cruces Sun-News below:

Pearce Touts Tech, Fewer Regulations During Las Cruces Visit

Las Cruces Sun-News, Aug. 16, 2018

LAS CRUCES - U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce, the Republican candidate for New Mexico governor, stopped in Las Cruces on Wednesday morning to tout his vision for economic development in the state.

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