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ALBUQUERQUE — Dorothy Runnels, a lifelong Democrat and widow of former Democratic Congressman Harold Runnels, today endorsed Steve Pearce for Governor.

"Our state needs help in so many ways. I tell every Democrat I know that in the race for Governor, Steve Pearce is the right person for the job. Steve Pearce puts the country and the people of New Mexico above party. I am proud to support his candidacy and know he will be a great Governor for all of New Mexico," said Dorothy Runnels.

ALBUQUERQUE – Michelle Lujan Grisham is desperate to talk about anything but her humiliating trip to Puerto Rico, where she was caught partying on an official Congressional visit that was supposed to be about assessing hurricane damage.

"Dem Rep, Gubernatorial Candidate Spotted Drinking, Dancing on Puerto Rico Trip to Assess Hurricane Recovery Progress."

"Lujan Grisham, who is running for governor in New Mexico, joined House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif) and about a dozen other Democrats to ensure the islands 'have the money needed to not just recover,' but to 'rebuild better than before,' according to the St. John Source."

"Lujan Grisham drew attention to the need for further action on the islands, but what she didn't mention was her social activities of dancing and drinking at the Chandelier Bar, a ritzy hotel bar within the El San Juan Hotel. The hotel, where most of the delegation stayed, is described on the website as being 'synonymous with Puerto Rican luxury hospitality.'"

"In the pictures obtained from a tracker, Lujan Grisham is seen drinking with Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D., N.Y.) on at least one occasion at the Chandelier Bar. She is also seen dancing with an unidentified man at the hotel." (Washington Free Beacon, 7/31/18)

But her attempt to change the subject might be even more embarrassing: her campaign lashed out with an unhinged attack against Steve Pearce, who was visiting San Felipe Pueblo with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson to push for more affordable housing for New Mexico's tribes and pueblos. Lujan Grisham's response to Pearce's work with the federal government to advance solutions for Native American housing sent a message that she would rather score points with fabricated attacks than stand up for New Mexicans in need.

"Michelle Lujan Grisham's attack on Steve Pearce for advancing affordable Native American housing isn't just embarrassing, it's disturbing," said RPNM Chairman Ryan Cangiolosi. "She's telling New Mexico's tribes and pueblos that she's willing to use them as a tool to score political points but could not care less about the issues affecting their communities."

 "Pearce is working with the federal government to develop solutions for New Mexicans living in poverty," Cangiolosi continued. "Lujan Grisham seems to think that is unacceptable but partying at an exclusive, chic hotel in Puerto Rico on taxpayer dollars is fine."

gavin clarkson rsGavin Clarkson, Candidate for NM Secretary of StateLAS CRUCES, NM- Dr. Gavin Clarkson, a former NMSU business professor transferred $10,500 from his congressional campaign account Tuesday to help fund his new campaign for New Mexico Secretary of State. Clarkson was nominated by the Republican Party of New Mexico's State Central Committee during a July 7 meeting.

ALBUQUERQUE — Steve Pearce announced today a plan for more jobs, higher wages, and increased investment in New Mexico. He released the following statement:

"New Mexico must do more to invest in our people. Today, I am announcing a new plan to change the way our state invests our own money to allow more resources for New Mexico workers and New Mexico businesses. As Governor, I will work with the State Investment Council to increase investment in New Mexico's economy so that businesses can create economic prosperity, pay higher wages, and create more jobs in New Mexico rather than leaving for other states.

Albuquerque ― Today, gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham released her plan to lift New Mexico families out of poverty and help them reach their long-term financial goals.

"Nearly one out of every five New Mexicans lives in poverty and that's absolutely unacceptable. To build a strong economy in New Mexico, it's crucial that we spur real job creation and economic development and invest in a new direction for public education so no families are left behind," said Michelle Lujan Grisham. "My plan will raise the minimum wage, protect families from predatory lenders, and renew the fight against hunger because our state is only strong if our families are succeeding instead of living paycheck-to-paycheck."

ALBUQUERQUE — New Mexico Congressman and candidate for Governor Steve Pearce today hailed Congressional passage of the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act. The legislation compliments and enhances Pearce's apprenticeship plan for New Mexico. He released the following statement:

"There are few greater rewards in life than the ability to find meaningful work to provide for yourself and your family. I am proud, at both the federal and state level, to support every effort to give students and adults the technical training to find such work.

Pearce for Governor

ALBUQUERQUE—The Steve Pearce for Governor campaign released the following statement in response to Michelle Lujan Grisham's energy plan.

"The Lujan Grisham energy plan is a government mandate to raise taxes, drive up costs for consumers and businesses, bankrupt the state budget, crush our most vital industry and job creator, and further weaken New Mexico's education system.

"Just yesterday, Lujan Grisham proved again she is incapable of showing any leadership on energy issues as the only Democratic member of Congress to vote 'present' on a resolution on the impact of raising taxes on energy. Today, she is campaigning with a pro-carbon tax governor. As if that's not contradictory and bizarre enough she recently made the laughable claim to the Albuquerque Journal that she supports New Mexico's energy producers including oil and gas. So which is it?

Santa Fe, NM – Senator Jeff Steinborn today requested Governor Susana Martinez again to direct her State Executive departments and agencies to respond to 57 questions sent more than three months ago regarding the safety, infrastructure needs, and emergency preparedness of a controversial proposed nuclear waste storage facility in New Mexico. The Martinez administration still has provided no response to the Legislature's list of substantive questions from April 3, even though the deadline for public comment to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission closes in just three weeks on July 30. Martinez is on record in support of the proposal by the Holtec Corporation to transport and store 500 canisters containing 5,000 metric tons of spent uranium nuclear waste from reactors across the country at a location in southeast New Mexico. Steinborn chairs the state legislature's Radioactive & Hazardous Materials Committee, which has safety oversight of the proposal.

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