five sax print photoAll Aboard for a fun filled musical journey with Five Sax, a Vienna based saxophone quintet. Five Sax invites the audience to join them on an unforgettable musical journey. The multi-continental trip begins in the legendary capital of music: Vienna, with a look back at some timeless classics of the past. Then they take us on a train to explore the rich ethnic musical styles of Spain, Italy, Hungary and the Balkans. Next the audience hops on a flight to Rio de Janeiro to experience the seductive rhythms of Brazilian Bossa Nova, the passion of Argentine Tango and a visit to the mythic Columbian town of Macondo. For the last stop of the journey, audience goers will touch down in sunny Los Angeles where we’ll rediscover some of the most famous Hollywood hits.

The performers of this ensemble are from a variety of countries. Alvaro Collao (Chile), Joel Diegert (USA), Damiano Grandesso (Italy), Charles Hon sun Ng (Hong Kong),  and Michal Knot (Poland) and began in an unusual way: performing street theater in the center of Vienna. Their first year performing together was an unforgettable experience of running from the police, surviving freezing temperatures and dealing with angry shopkeepers. The ensemble’s past is echoed in their concerts by their use of theatrical elements, their strong connection with the audience, and their spontaneous approach to making music.

Come enjoy this musical voyage on Friday Feb 15 at 7:00 p.m., in WNMU’s Fine Arts Center Theater. Admission is $20 for adult non-subscribers. Students to age 17 accompanied by an adult ticket holder are admitted free.

Tickets can be purchased at The Pink Store, the Mimbres Regional Arts Council Office in Wells Fargo bank, on line, or at the concert.

For further information or ticket purchases go here or call (575) 538-5862.  

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