Friday, July 6, 2018

Domestic disturbance
Tabor Avenue
Caller advised that her husband stole her meds and is planning on poisoning her/he started yelling at her when she was calling the police. Deputy had contact advising clear/caller will watch what she eats and drinks.

Unwanted subject
Fierro Road – Fierro
Caller advised that a named male is on his property, is intoxicated, and caller wants him removed. Deputy advised male was dropped off at a Park Street address.

Accident-property damage
Highway 356
Red car and Toyota Tacoma/no injuries.

Welfare check
Highway 180 and Fort Bayard turnoff
Elderly female carrying two bags walking on side of the road. NMSP officer advised she is okay/just walking in the area.
Accident-property damage
Highway 15 – MM 19
Vehicle vs deer.

Domestic disturbance
Cottonwood Street – Hurley
Advised mother and named male were fighting and the male choked the female then left walking. Deputies had negative contact with male.

11820 E. Highway 180
Caller has film. Customer took 28 cartons of cigarettes by gaining entry to cigarette room through women’s restroom.

Welfare check
Highway 356
Deputy advised to have Bayard unit welcheck a male walking toward Bayard carrying a stick. BPD officer had visual but negative contact.

Game and Fish
Wagon Wheel Lane
Caller advised a bear is in her yard and she is afraid it is going to attack her dogs. Advised that her husband usually fires a weapon at them and they leave but he is not home at this time. Deputy had negative contact with the bear.

Saturday, July 7

Welfare check
North Hurley Road
Caller advised a female is walking south on North Hurley Road and it is so dark out there. Deputy had contact advising female is fine/she is walking to her grandma’s.

Gila Transfer Station
Caller advised that a male in a tan Ford F150 is harassing her. Deputy had contact advising it is more of a personal dispute/male is leaving. Caller advised that the male was being rude and refused to leave. Male advised he was upset because nobody helped him back up to the container nor checked on him while he was unloading and didn’t believe the attendant was doing her job.

Welfare check
Cottage San Road
Female child, approximately 3-years-old, in the middle of the road.

Skyview Drive
19-year-old male has wrecked on a 4-wheeler is on the ground bleeding from the head and is barely breathing/he is trying to get up now. Officer advised will be blocking traffic from Mountain View and Ridge Road at this time to divert traffic. EMS2 requested to launch Native Air/they will be landing on Ridge Road by the Chevron/ESM2 on scene with Native Air.

Welfare check
Dickson Road and Highway 90
Caller advised that a female in a wheelchair is in the middle of the roadway.

Intoxicated driver
Ridge Road
Deputies went traffic on Ridge Road.

Weapons fired
Mystic Way
Deputy had contact with male who advised he was shooting earlier/advised he does have . . .

Sunday, July 8

Suspicious vehicle
Aztec/Elguea – Hurley
Officer advised to send wrecker/all units clear/wrecker arrived on scene.

Gold Rush Road
Caller advised she woke up and her purse is gone. Advised it was right next to her when she went to bed and now it is not there. Caller called back advising she found her purse/her dog got a hold of it.

Welfare check
Pinon Lane
Caller advised that a sign reading ‘Help’ is in the window of a mobile home where a female resides. Caller advised she knocked on the door but no one answered.

Reckless driver
W. Highway 180 – MM 56 (about 5 miles east of Glenwood)
From Catron County to Grant County, vehicle swerving into other lane. Deputy had contact in Cliff/male driver not impaired, “jamming.”

Unwanted subject
Pheasant Drive
Caller advised that her husband’s ex-wife and her boyfriend are causing problems and refusing to leave.

Game and Fish
Highway 180 and Delk Drive
Deer has been hit and still alive/unable to get up. Deputy had contact advising deer got up and left/no damage to vehicle.