Friday, Aug. 17

Welfare check
Highways 180 and 211
Caller advised they were being chased by a named individual/line was disconnected/negative contact upon callback. Deputies ATL with negative contact.

Domestic disturbance
Palomino Trail – Upper Mimbres
Caller advised she is being abused by the daughter and son-in-law/she is trying to leave and her daughter won’t let her/line was disconnected. Upon callback male answered the phone/when asked to . . .

Chalcocite Street – Tyrone
Caller advised that her neighbor went to her house and yelled at her because her dog was barking/he was really aggressive. Deputy out at a Cuprite Street address with a male.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
Artcher Road
Slashed tires on vehicle. Received second call from a mother advising her house has been broken into.

Accident-property damage
Branding Iron Trail and Cottage San Road
Advised is in a gray Toyota Sequoia/hit a deer.

Welfare check
Cook Street
Caller advised she can hear a female screaming/it sounds bad. Deputies on scene advising male went back into the residence.

Unwanted subject
Mountain View Drive
Caller advised that her brother is drunk and outside yelling/he’s acting crazy/he said he was going to fight the cops when they got there. Deputy with one male out at 32nd/Silver.

Artcher Road
Caller advised he was just jumped by three males and stabbed in the stomach/males left on foot/unknown direction/does not know who they were.

Saturday, Aug. 18

Domestic disturbance
Shasta Street
Caller advised her boyfriend is not letting her leave/he will not let her have her child. Deputy had contact advising everything is okay/all verbal/male is going to leave for the night/negative on anything physical.

Accident-property damage
Highway 180 – White Signal
Advised hit a deer/brown Chevy Silverado.

Domestic disturbance
Whispering Hills
Caller advised that her son was throwing things at her and left outside/her husband was also telling her to shut up/her son is in his 50s. Deputies had contact advising all units clear.

Domestic disturbance
E. Highway 180 and Shasta Street
Deputy advised a couple in a vehicle appeared to be having a domestic/unknown whether an emergency or not.

Welfare check
Cottage San Road
Caller advised there is screaming and yelling going on across the street/it doesn’t sound like he is arguing with anyone just yelling. Deputy out with two males who advised they are watching children and they get loud and then they yell.

Welfare check
Top Hill Drive and North Hurley Road
Caller advised that an elderly lady is walking on N. Hurley Road with a dog in her arms and she looks confused. Deputy had negative contact.

Weapons fired
Main Street – Pinos Altos
Deputies had contact advising shots came from subjects shooting a raccoon that was trying to get their dog.

Splash Park – Santa Clara
Deputies had contact advising parties were separated and a waiver of prosecution was signed.

Sunday, Aug. 19

Domestic disturbance
Cuprite Street – Tyrone
Caller advised across the street a couple is screaming and yelling at each other and there are small kids in the house. Deputy out at a Cuprite Street address/everything is okay/all verbal/female took off.

Criminal damage to property
Pheasant Drive
Caller advised he was asleep and someone threw his window. Advised the neighbor did it/he doesn’t know his name.

Welfare check
11820 Highway 180
Male on side of road/has three dogs with him. NMSP officer requested ambulance for an unknown age male that is very sweaty advising he had a major lung surgery a few months ago.

Welfare check
Caller advised that her 35-year-old son called advising the jail is denying him medical attention/advised he just had two teeth pulled. An officer advised they are not denying him medical attention. Advised a named individual put in a medical request/medical staff was advised via phone/they then have to . . .

Domestic disturbance
Grandview Drive
Caller advised her neighbors are fighting. Deputies had contact requesting ambulance for a 56-year-old female bleeding from her lip and a knot on her forehead. Advised en route with one male to GRMC.