Monday, Mar. 11

Welfare check
Highway 152 – Santa Rita
Caller was advised the mother of children was out driving around possibly in a white Ford truck.
Deputy had contact with caller who advised if the white truck is there, the mother is home. Deputy advised white truck was there but had negative contact with anyone at the home/units clear.

Artcher Road
Caller is having problems with the neighbor throwing stuff in his horse corral and road. Deputy en route to caller’s house.

Welfare check
Avery Ranch/Bear Mountain Road
Caller advised she can hear someone yelling for help/they are yelling for police and they need medication or they will pass out/it is a male yelling. Units are 10 minutes out and advised if EMS is needed it would have to be a 4wd unit.

Weapons fired
Farley Road – Arenas Valley
Deputies had contact with the owner who stated they were shooting their guns on their property at their own targets/everything is okay.

Tuesday, Mar. 12

Highway 180 – MM 129 (2 miles south of Hurley)
Single vehicle rollover/25-year-old male driver/he is in shock/NMSP dispatch-leg injury/everything is okay/vehicle is off the roadway/Native Air is standing by.

Welfare check
Turkey Creek Road – Gila
Dropped off child at school who told caller, “They were fighting all morning.” They drove back around and caller heard, “That’s the last time you hit me.” Caller requests to visit with deputy at the school after the welcheck.

W. Highway 180 – Cliff
Non-forced entry at Action Realty/checks in outgoing mail were stolen.

Kirkland Road – Arenas Valley
Stolen mail.

Fierro Road – Fierro
Windows of the house have been broken/he hasn’t been inside.

Bornite Court – Tyrone
Caller allowed ex-boyfriend to use her vehicle and she just saw it with a U-Haul and thinks he is taking it out of town/his girlfriend is following him. BPD officer had negative contact.

Bornite Court
Caller advised his neighbor’s house was broken into/window is broken/caller did walk-through of the house.

Criminal sexual penetration
Watson Street – Bayard
No report.

Loud music
Pheasant Drive
Deputy advised resident was turning the music down as he was leaving for work.

Wednesday, Mar. 13

Fort Bayard Medical Center – the old maintenance shop
Advised that a water heater and socket set and some other tools were taken.

Accident-property damage
Pinon Lane
Advised the telephone line on his property was damaged/the wires were taken down along with the phone pole by a Lowe’s delivery truck. Caller called back to advise cancel the deputy/the Lowe’s driver filed a report.

Big Horn Drive
Advised the security camera was taken from his property.

Accident-property damage
S. Highway 90/Camino Azteca
One vehicle/no injuries. Deputy requested tow truck.

Thursday, Mar. 14

Santa Rita Volunteer Fire Department
Caller advised that a fire extinguisher and other fire equipment were taken from outside the building.

Domestic disturbance
North Hurley Road
Caller advised her boyfriend took her phone from her. Deputy had contact with one/negative contact with any other.

Domestic disturbance
Cripple Creek Road – 7:10 a.m.
Caller advised her ex-boyfriend is yelling at her and taking things that don’t belong to him. Deputy advised everything is okay/male will call later for a civil standby.

Welfare check
Cottage San Road and Emerald Drive
A female is screaming for help/sounds very distressed. Deputy had contact with (redacted) who said a female was walking her dog and screaming at his dogs. Deputy advised did see a female walking dogs/unknown where she went.

Unwanted subject
Cripple Creek Road – 8:20 a.m.
Male is back at the residence yelling at caller/he is trying to take items from outside the residence.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
North Hurley Road
Someone knifed her car tires.

Domestic disturbance
Top Hill Drive – Hurley
Caller is fighting with girlfriend/she just threw a rock at his stuff/caller just wants to get his things/she did push and hit him.

Criminal trespass warning
Market Street
Someone has pitched a tent about 100 yards west of the city limit sign. Deputy had negative contact.

Welfare check
Truck Bypass
Caller advised her 20-year-old grandson texted her last night at about 6:15 p.m. saying, “He had nothing left to live for.” Advised she and her grandson are having problems right now. Deputy had contact with grandson advising he advised everything is okay/negative on any . . .