Friday, May 10

Accident-property damage
11575 E. Highway 180
Advised he hit a deer in the median/the deer is dead.

Reckless driver
Tyrone Mine
NMSP did have contact with the Jeep and their driving is okay.

Unwanted subject
Galaz Street – San Lorenzo
Caller advised a named male keeps showing up to her house/she does not know who he is/she told him to leave and he got ugly with her/he did leave. Deputy had negative contact with vehicle.

Welfare check
E. Highway 180 and Arenas Valley Road
Caller advised a small child was walking alone in the rain/the child got into the vehicle and the vehicle took off west on Highway 180. Deputy advised had contact with the 10-year-old child and mother.

Welfare check
Peeler Street – Arenas Valley
Caller advised that a male in his 40s is very ill and had missed all his appointments. Deputy had contact with the male and he is okay.

Apache Circle
Caller advised a subject keeps calling her and harassing her about her account info. Caller told the subjects to leave her alone and they started to cuss at her and call her names.

Shasta Street
Caller advised the outside security cameras at his daughter’s house have been stolen.

Stolen motor vehicle
Saavedra Road
Caller advised that someone took a car out of her driveway that was locked and flat/she still has the keys to the gold Chevy Impala.

Saturday, May 11

DV order violation
J-Heart Ranch Road
Caller advised she texted him last night advising him to stop having people threaten her. Deputy had contact with caller.

Lobo Drive – Cliff
Caller advised her neighbors are having a fight/one is chasing the other with a bat/the male left. Second caller advised that a named male is on his property and advised that he sprayed him with pepper spray and advised he has a baseball bat and has him cornered on his property.

Rio de Arenas Road
Males fighting in the middle of the roadway. Deputy had contact with homeowner who advised it was a verbal altercation and everything is okay.

Domestic disturbance
Chukar Drive
A named male called caller, advising she and another female are fighting.

Highway 35 – Upper Mimbres
Caller advised he is being harassed by someone in a white car and told dispatchers to stop asking stupid questions and hung up. Deputy had negative contact.

Cottage San Road
Caller reported solar lights were stolen from her yard.

Suicide threat
Peterson Drive – Arenas Valley
No report.

Reckless driver
Bandoni Drive
Deputy spoke with caller who advised neighbor constantly rides four-wheeler upon road at high rates of speed at all hours of the night. Went to speak with neighbor and a subject ran inside as the deputy approached the residence and only spoke through the window. Deputy advised him of the complaint and asked him to keep the four-wheeler off the road.

Sunday, May 12

Welfare check
Highway 356 – MM 3
Caller advised that security found a female in a vehicle passed out and there were drugs on her arm/she is not awake at this time/the needle was not in her arm/needle was found by the entrance to the tunnel. Deputy advised have contact with a male and a female . . .

Aggravated assault
Highway 15 @ Wide Canyon
A named male put a gun to her head/it was a handgun/he did it because they were arguing/he left north on Highway 15 in a black Cadillac Escalade/he also pushed her.

Unwanted subject
11820 Highway 180
Two males in the parking lot harassing customers/seem intoxicated. NMSP advised with white vehicle on 180 that just left RDA Snappy Mart. Caller said he would like subjects issued . . .