Santa Fe, NM – Yesterday, the Senate passed legislation to maximize energy efficiency benefits for New Mexicans. House Bill 291, sponsored by Rep. Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe), improves the Efficient Use of Energy Act (EUEA) to save money for households and businesses, benefit the economy, and promote energy efficiency.  

House Bill 291 provides for updated goals and cost recovery percentages, adopts rate adjustment mechanisms to remove disincentives, and makes other positive changes to the EUEA. This legislation codifies what energy companies and consumers well know: the cheapest and cleanest energy available is that which is unused.

“This legislation will help New Mexico families and small businesses participate in energy savings and allows our energy utilities promote energy conversation. This will save families money and encourage energy companies to incentivize energy conservation,” said Rep. Andrea Romero. 

House Bill 291 now heads to the Governor.