Carlsbad, NM - On May 19, 2019, the Carlsbad Police Department responded to 311 Peachtree Street in Carlsbad, NM for a welfare check on a female. When officers arrived at the residence, they encountered Lori Markham (47) of Carlsbad, NM. During the encounter Markham armed herself with a semi-automatic pistol. Officers retreated for their safety and waited for Carlsbad Police Department SWAT Team to arrive.  

Officers attempted to negotiate with Markham as she walked in and out of the residence armed with the pistol.  At some point during negotiations, Markham pointed the pistol towards the officers and they discharged their department issued weapons.  Markham was struck by the officers’ gunfire and she was pronounced deceased at the hospital by the Office of the Medical Investigator. 

The New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau was requested to investigate the incident. The identification of the Carlsbad Police officers, who were involved in the shooting, will not be released at this time. This information is preliminary, and the investigations is still active and ongoing. When more information is available State Police will send out an additional press release.