armadillo eggsArmadillo Eggs This armadillo egg recipe has classic smokey and spicy southwestern flavors. Smoked meat, peppers, and cheese all live together in one magical meat football.

A staple at tailgates and parties, this southwestern classic is simple to make. Every home cook and pit master have their own way to make this recipe their own, and often substitute the peppers or cheeses. You can also use plain ground pork sausage if the flavor of breakfast sausage isn’t to your liking. It’s the subtleties that make this a fun recipe to experiment with, so try out this Armadillo Egg recipe.

These tasty cheese and pepper stuffed meat footballs can be served whole as a meal or sliced and served as an appetizer. It all depends on how big you make them and how hungry the crowd is. They’re good dipped in ranch dressing, or, if you want some more heat, a chipotle mayo.

Preparing the eggs is easy. Mix the cream and cheddar cheeses together. Next half, seed and core the peppers and fill each half with the cheese mixture. Take enough of the sausage to cover a whole pepper and flatten it out. Put two pepper halves back together and roll it in the sausage until it is fully covered. Wrap it in bacon, brush some sauce on it and it’s ready to cook.

Typically, these get smoked at 250 degrees for a couple of hours. If you don’t have a smoker, this recipe can be made on a charcoal grill. If you use a grill, the only difference would be to use indirect heat. Don’t put the eggs directly over the fire, as this will cause the outside to cook, but the cheese and pepper inside will still be raw and cold. Low and slow is the name of the game.

Consider the recipe a guide. Make it once and change to fit your tastes. The principle is a cheese stuffed pepper wrapped in sausage and bacon. What kind of ingredients are used is up to you—the sky’s the limit.

1 pound pork breakfast sausage
12 slices bacon
6 jalapenos-cored, stemmed and seeded
4 oz. cream cheese softened
4 oz. shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup BBQ sauce