Transitions at Silco Theater
This is a time of transition at the Silco Theater. Sadly, Zachary Aquino, Managing Member of Reel Mirage LLC, has given written notice to Silver City MainStreet that Reel Mirage will cease operating the Silco at the end of August. We want to thank Zachary and his father, Chris, for everything they have done to contribute to the success of the Silco. Our community will certainly miss their infectious enthusiasm for the Silco, and cinema in general.

The good news, however, is that a new management team has come forward seeking to build on the success of the Silco and the vibrancy it contributes to our downtown. Silver City MainStreet has accepted the formal proposal submitted by Bob Grunstein and Joe Navan to take over operation of the Silco. Not only will the Silco continue to show first run movies, but plans are in the works to provide additional entertainment opportunities. We are excited by what may be possible in the Silco’s future. Stay tuned.

The Silco Theater was renovated in 2015 as an economic development initiative of Silver City MainStreet and the Town of Silver City.

The mission of Silver City MainStreet is "To encourage a vibrant, historic downtown Silver City which is recognized as the heart of our diverse community." Please visit our website, to learn more.