gales maximillion daisiesSome of you may remember Gale Moore and the monthly Glenwood Gazette that covered southwest New Mexico and southeastern Arizona. 

The photo above, courtesy of Pat Hunt, another friend of Gale's, was taken today, Sept. 26, 2019 of the Maximilian daisies that  continue to bloom merrily in the median across from Western Bank. Gale and Marcia, then owner of Java the Hut, shared the median and took care of the plants. After Gale's death, the Copper Cowbelles took it over for a few years, and now the Silver City Rotary Club takes care of the median.

Gale was very active with the Copper Cowbelles, and the Glenwood Dutch Oven Cook-off. She unexpectedly died in August 2014, and all of us who knew her were shocked and grieved for her.

Gale loved her plants. She could grow things that didn't grow well here.

The Beat's editor used to work for Gale as a freelancer reporter and columnist, by interviewing "old-timers" around the area. She has a cutting of Gale's plumeria, the Hawaiian plant that provides many white flowers to Hawaiian leis. It blooms every summer.

So, if you remember Gale, enjoy her yellow flowers when you drive by the median. If you never knew Gale, recognize the flowers were planted to remember her and celebrate her life.