We have some exciting news to share. New Mexico State Senator Gabriel Ramos and New Mexico Lt. Governor Howie Morales are working to secure state dollars to help fund the Tour of the Gila Bicycle Race. This will be a great boost to our event, to our local economy and to our state’s economy, however we need your help. Please copy and paste the message below and then email it to the New Mexico State Senators listed below. We have also added phone numbers for each of the State Senators so you can call them if you wish. It is important that they hear from you. Your voice is what will help us get this financial assistance. Please call or send an email to these State Senators ASAP.

Thank you,
Jack Brennan
Tour of the Gila Race Director

John Arthur Smith, Dist 35                                    William F Burt, Dist 33
john.smith@nmlegis.gov                                      bill.burt@nmlegis.gov
505-986-4365                                                      505-986-4366

Pete Campos Dist 8                                             Jacob R Candelaria, Dist 26
pete.campos@nmlegis.gov                                 jacob.candelaria@nmlegis.gov
505-986-4311                                                      505-986-4380

Carlos R Cisneros Distr 6                                   Gay G Kernan Distr 42
carlos.cisneros@nmlegis.gov                             gay.kernan@nmlegis.gov
505-986-4362                                                      505-986-4274

George K Munoz Dist 4                                        Steven P Neville Dist 2
senatormunoz@gmail.com                                  steven.neville@nmlegis.gov
505-986-4371                                                      505-986-4701

Nancy Rodriguez Dist 24                                   Sander Rue Dist 23
nancy.rodriguez@nmlegis.gov                          sander.rue@nmlegis.gov
505-986-4264                                                   505-986-4375

John M Sapien Dist 9                                        James P White Dist 19
john.sapien@nmlegis.gov                                 james.white@nmlegis.gov
505-986-4301                                                    505-986-4395

Pete Campos                                               Jacob R Candelaria                                        

Distr 8 Colfax, Guadalupe, Harding,            Distr 26 Bernalillo

Mora, Quay, San Miguel, Taos                     jacob.candelaria@nmlegis.gov

pete.campos@nmlegis.gov                         505-986-4380


Carlos R Cisneros                                       Gay G Kernan

Distr 6 Los Alamos, Rio Arriba,                   Distr 42 Chaves, Eddy, Lea

Santa Fe, Taos                                            gay.kernan@nmlegis.gov

carlos.cisneros@nmlegis.gov                     505-986-4274


George K Munoz                                        Steven P Neville

Distr 4 Cibola, McKinley, San Juan            Distr 2 San Juan

senatormunoz@gmail.com                          steven.neville@nmlegis.gov 

505-986-4371                                             505-986-4701

Nancy Rodriguez                                        Sander Rue                                      

Distr 24 Santa Fe                                        Distr 23 Bernalillo

nancy.rodriguez@nmlegis.gov                     sander.rue@nmlegis.gov

505-986-4264                                              505-986-4375

John M Sapien                                          James P White

Distr 9 Bernalillo, Sandoval                       Distr 19 Bernalillo, Sandoval,

john.sapien@nmlegis.gov                         Santa Fe, Torrance

505-986-4301                                             james.white@nmlegis.gov