Just a few comments re Mike Rowse’s column: US Womens Soccer - Embarrassing

Mr. Rowse conveniently forgets that although women soccer players may benefit from a higher percentage of the ad money US Soccer and FIFA receive, their earnings in dollars is significantlynless than what the men earn. Simply put: you can’t spend, bank, or put away retirement percent(ages) regardless of how good the numbers look. If I recall correctly, you can only do that with money. I am sure that even you, Mike, would prefer to have 10% of a $1000 dollars (=$100) than 25% of a $100 dollars (=$25). Time to level the pitch.

As to not recognizing the President for whatever the reason, that is their right as American citizens. Mr. Trump actions with respect to President Obama were clearly along the same lines as he (to use his words) conducted a witch hunt in order to prove President Obama wasn’t a citizen. As for the women players disrespecting our country, truly that is determined by which side of the fence (aisle) you sit on. I, for one, may not agree with you, but you do have the right to your opinion.

Finally, as for running up the score in the Thailand game and celebrating each score, that’s exuberance. While it may have been better to tone it down the celebrations, with all the bitterness being thrown at them regarding their lawsuit and conservatives willing to defend Mr. Trump’s behavior regarding women, one can see that this is a release of tensions.

Further, as a former coach in two very different sports, it was always MY responsibility to curb our team from running up scores and over celebrating scoring or winning. We coaches should lead by example. Perhaps the women’s soccer coach should have intervened?

James Frendak
Silver City, NM