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I would like to put the Immigration Matters column of November 20 in proper perspective. The columnist claims that 100,000 DACA applicants have been arrested. If there are 800,000 DACA applicants, that's 12.5% with a criminal record. If there are 600,000 applicants that would be 16.6%. According to the FBI, 29.5% of the general US population has a criminal record. It seems to me that the DACA applicants are pretty well behaved and should be welcomed.

 John Rokosz

The declarant refuses to testify; 
The declarant does not remember;
The declarant is either dead or has a physical or mental illness that prevents testimony; or
The declarant is absent from the trial and has not been located.

It is offered to help prove a material fact
It is more probative than other equivalent and reasonably obtainable evidence
Its admission would forward the cause of justice
The other parties have been notified that it will be offered into evidence

Tim Matthes
Silver City NM

As I read and watch the news, I see selfishness and deceit. It’s called partisanship, but it’s really hate and dishonesty. Even what I call my opinion is just a manipulation in a great game in which I’m not included. Something is very wrong. I am left with this one feeling of anger.
Like in the 1976 movie ‘Network’, I feel like opening my window and shouting, “I am angry as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!” In every direction, there is someone or something to be angry at.

I am angry at Boeing Airlines knowing their plane had safety issues and hiding it for years until 346 people died. I am angry at Obama for letting Wall Street off the hook after causing so many Americans to lose their homes. I am angry at the tobacco companies in the 1950’s knowing their cigarettes were addictive, caused cancer and would kill us. The list goes on.

Working in and around the State of New Mexico, it seems to me, The State doesn’t want you to apply for any positions.

Go to the New Mexico State website and look under employment, and all you find are links to private employment agencies, and that is total nonsense. The State of New Mexico needs to have more Transparency when it comes to jobs.

They need to be putting out a weekly newsletter on the front of the New Mexico State website page, stating how many positions within the state are currently available, feedback, and easy button for jobs on the front of the State Website.

Dear Editor:

Fabian Gonzales to be released, but is it Judge Brown's fault?

We all know too well that ABQ is a crime hub and many of us have actually experienced the criminal scourge against our homes, vehicles, and families.

The ire that boils up in us due to these violations, requires that we respond and that we respond in force. We begin to see evil everywhere and we demand justice. However, how will that justice be met out?

In this case, Fabian was originally charged with a heinous murder; however, upon further investigation, it was found that his role in this heinous act was complicit after the fact. He has been in jail for three years on a $1mm cash only bond. So, the question becomes, why let him out now, what has changed?

The Upper Gila Arroyos Watershed District (UGAWD) is one of those things Cliff and Gila residents depend on but forget it is even there. The Gila Valley is a picturesque farming community, with strong property values and is rapidly becoming a bedroom community to Silver City. The Gila Valley is a livable place partly due to the Watershed District.

Between 1958 and 1964 twelve flood control structures were built in side canyons entering the valley. These dams protect two state highways, three irrigation ditches and numerous farms. The quality of water entering the Gila River is much improved because the sediments carried by the flood water settles out behind the dams. New Mexico’s soil is retained in the watershed and does not go to Arizona in the form of muddy water.

See Map below the letter.

The Finale for Cobre's 1959 60th Cobre Reunion (The Milestone Class)

Brief background: After eight years of elementary classes and passed grades, you became a graduate with cap and gown and received your diploma. The diploma was your ticket to attend four more years at the newly constructed Cobre Consolidated High School to again get your ticket to attend Western New Mexico University. Many of us did and many left to other cities.

The unity of the not three (there was no Junior High then) but four years gained the rapport and the friendship, including with the teachers.

Silver City Golf Course Pod Cast

This is written to corrtect some of the facts given in the Silver City Golf Course pod cast.

The speaker says that no funds from WNMU were spent on the golf course when in fact $166,000 of University funds were expended on the course, not to mention support for the University such as accuonting, pay roll , human resourses, liability insurance ect.